Top 5 Best Batteries For Smart Locks: Review and Guide

Are you tired of constantly changing batteries for your electronic door lock or smart lock? The key to avoiding this inconvenience lies in finding the best batteries for these devices.

Smart locks have become increasingly popular for their convenience and security as technology advances. However, the performance of these locks heavily relies on the batteries powering them. Investing in high-quality batteries that will keep your lock functioning efficiently for an extended period of time is crucial.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Choosing the best batteries for your electronic door lock or smart lock is essential to ensure uninterrupted operation and avoid the hassle of frequent replacements. In this article, we will explore the best batteries available on the market, providing you with the information to make an informed decision and find the perfect power source for your lock.

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Best Batteries Benefits

  • The best batteries for smart locks are rechargeable.
  • These batteries will last longer and are much easier to install than a dead battery.
  • The best batteries for smart locks are also user-friendly.
  • If you have an app on your smartphone, then you can quickly see how much power is left in the battery, and you can charge it if needed.

When you first decide to invest in a smart lock, one factor needs to be considered: battery life. While some people don’t want electrical wiring for their front doors and are glad to have an option for battery-powered locks, others don’t just want a lock but a completely automated solution.

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Storing batteries is still a huge issue with manufacturers. As a result, they’re not consistent in the level of battery life they provide their consumers. But despite this lack of consistency, there are still some situations where you can use more than one battery to extend your smart lock’s battery life.

5 Best Batteries For Smart Locks 

See here for the best batteries for electronic door locks.

1. Energizer AAA Batteries, Max Triple A Max Battery Alkaline

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Brighten your day and kids’ lives with Energizer Max alkaline AAA batteries! These batteries will power most everyday devices for years to come. Their non-stop power will never let you down.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

What Makes Energizer AAA Batteries Special?

Energizer has been a household name for decades, and their AAA batteries have consistently delivered the power you need for various devices. Let’s delve into what makes Energizer AAA batteries stand out:

  1. Long-Lasting Performance: Energizer AAA batteries are engineered to provide durable power. With advanced technology, they offer an impressive shelf life and high energy density, making them ideal for both high- and low-drain devices.
  2. Reliability and Durability: The Energizer is synonymous with reliability. Their AAA batteries are designed to perform well even in extreme conditions, making them suitable for outdoor activities and emergencies.
  3. Leak-Resistance Technology: One of the standout features of Energizer AAA batteries is their leak-resistant design. It protects electronic smart locks from potential damage.  Do not cause battery leaks.
  4. Universal Compatibility: These batteries are compatible with various devices, from remote controls and wireless keyboards to digital cameras and children’s toys. This versatility makes Energizer AAA batteries an excellent choice for any household.

Energizer Max alkaline AAA batteries are the longest-lasting AAA batteries available.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Key Features of Energizer AAA Batteries

When choosing AAA batteries, it’s essential to consider various factors that impact their performance. Here are some key features of Energizer AAA batteries that set them apart:

  1. High Energy Output: Energizer AAA batteries provide a consistent and high energy output, ensuring your devices operate at their best.
  2. No-Mercury Formula: They are environmentally responsible with a no-mercury formula, making them a greener choice for your devices and the planet.
  3. Convenient Packaging: Energizer offers AAA batteries in various pack sizes, including the popular 24-count pack, ensuring you always have a supply on hand.
  4. Ergonomically Designed: The batteries are designed for easy insertion and removal, reducing the hassle when it’s time for replacement.

These batteries have an integrated circuit that powers up to 12 years of storage to keep you powered and ready for everyday usage. It would help if you never worried about running out of power.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Their non-stop energy powers your devices as they work in and out of storage, ensuring they’re always ready when you need them most.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

2. POWEROWL High-Capacity Alkaline AA, AAA Batteries Combo


Best Batteries For Smart Locks

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The POWEROWL High-Capacity Alkaline AA, AAA Batteries Combo is the best battery for smart locks and other devices that need extra power, including everyday devices like clocks, digital cameras, computer mice, and toys.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

What Makes POWEROWL High-Capacity Alkaline Batteries Special?

POWEROWL is a brand committed to delivering high-quality batteries, and here’s why their High-Capacity Alkaline AA AAA Batteries Combo is unique:

  1. Long-Lasting Performance: Engineered for long-lasting power, these batteries are ideal for high- and low-drain devices, ensuring your gadgets keep running smoothly.
  2. Impressive Shelf Life: With a remarkable 10-year shelf life, you can stock up on these batteries, confident they’ll be ready when needed.
  3. High Capacity: These batteries offer high energy density, so your devices always operate at their best, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  4. AA and AAA Combo: The POWEROWL pack includes AA and AAA batteries, providing versatility for various devices and offering convenience and savings.


The 1.5-volt alkaline batteries deliver optimal power to everyday household devices such as smart locks, clocks, remote controls, game controllers, and digital cameras.


Best Batteries For Smart Locks


These air- and liquid-tight seals lock in the power until needed, thanks to the improved design, which includes dual crimps, a new zinc composition, and anti-corrosion components.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Key Features of PowerOWL Batteries:

  1. Dependable Power: These batteries provide reliable and consistent power output, ensuring your devices operate without interruption.
  2. 10-Year Shelf Life: The 10-year shelf life ensures your batteries remain effective even when stored for extended periods.
  3. High Energy Density: Suitable for both high-drain and low-drain devices, these batteries offer high energy density.
  4. Eco-Friendly: POWEROWL batteries are free from harmful substances like mercury and cadmium, making them eco-friendly for your devices and the environment.
  5. 100% leakproof.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

3. Amazon Basics Alkaline Battery


Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Amazon AA/AAA 1.5-volt batteries are ideal for a wide range of devices, with a 10-year leak-free shelf life. They deliver just the power needed for a specific device, so you can use them repeatedly on your favourite gadgets like locks or cameras without running out of juice.

Key Features of Amazon Basics Alkaline Batteries:

  • Wide Device Compatibility: These 1.5-volt alkaline batteries are designed to perform reliably across various devices. From game controllers and toys to flashlights, digital cameras, clocks, and more, you can count on them to deliver the power needed for your gadgets.
  • Convenient Packaging: The batteries are packaged in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging, making it easy to open and access your power source.
  • Non-Rechargeable: It’s essential to note that these batteries are not rechargeable. If you’re looking for rechargeable options, Amazon Basics also offers rechargeable batteries to suit your needs.
  • With these alkaline batteries, you’ll have enough energy to keep working on whatever you need—at home or on the go.
  • Amazon AA/AAA 1.5-volt performance alkaline batteries for reliable performance across a wide range of devices with a 10-year leak-free shelf life

In a world where power is paramount, the Amazon Basics Alkaline Battery Combo Pack offers an affordable and trustworthy solution to keep your devices running smoothly. Whether you’re a gamer, a parent, a photographer, or anyone in between, having a stash of dependable batteries is a must, and this combo pack has you covered.

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

4. Duracell: Copper Top AA + AAA Alkaline Batteries

(Best 9V Battery Door Keypad)

Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Duracell Copper Top 20-Count AA and Clay 12-Pack, 9 Volts, Features: A coppertop rubber-sealed pack provides powerful light at low wattage. Duracell provides protected alkaline batteries with clay cells that last longer than others. An economical solution is to buy 20%, primarily 12-pack batteries. Each compact & sturdy battery lasts up to 7 times as long as standard alkaline batteries. It is the best 9V battery for a door keypad.

Duracell is the most trusted brand of batteries in the world. Duracell makes batteries. It is tested to ensure quality and performance for electronic door lock life, so you know that Duracell batteries will work reliably and last longer than any other brand. It’s time to say goodbye to cheap, inferior batteries!

Key Features of Duracell Coppertop Batteries:

  • Long-Lasting Power: These batteries are engineered to provide durable and consistent power, keeping your devices running strong.
  • Alkaline Battery Technology: The alkaline battery technology guarantees reliable performance across various devices, from remote controls to digital cameras.
  • Power Boost Ingredients: Duracell’s proprietary Power Boost Ingredients provide an extra kick of power when your devices need it the most, making them ideal for high-demand gadgets.

Duracell has been a trusted name in the battery industry for years, and this combo pack showcases its commitment to providing you with the power you can rely on. With 20 batteries, you’ll have a dependable power source for many devices. Don’t let power interruptions slow you down – choose Duracell Coppertop batteries for your smart locks.

Best 9V Battery for Door Keypad

5. Rayovac AA Batteries; Alkaline Double A Battery


Smart Lock Rechargeable Batteries
Smart Lock Rechargeable Batteries

Rayovac Double A Batteries have been a trusted name in business since 1875, providing dependable power for everyday use. We have the right brand, whether you need AA batteries for your tools or electronic devices. These AA batteries last up to 10 years and are made with quality components that keep your devices working longer. It is also rechargeable.

Key Features of Rayovac AA Batteries:

  • Long-Lasting Performance: Rayovac’s AA batteries are engineered to provide durable power, making them ideal for high-use devices and everyday electronics.
  • Versatile Use: These batteries are ideal for various high-use devices, from flashlights and wireless mice to remotes and toys. You can rely on them to keep your devices running strong.
  • 10-Year Shelf Life: The ability to hold power for up to 10 years in storage means you can stock up with confidence, knowing they’ll be ready when needed.
  • Leak Prevention: These batteries are designed to prevent damaging leaks, ensuring the safety and longevity of your devices.
  • Affordable Duracell-Level Performance: Rayovac AA batteries offer performance similar to Duracell Coppertop at a better price on most devices based on ANSI runtime.
  • Made in the USA: These AA batteries are proudly made in the USA with a combination of US and global parts.

Rayovac, the No. 1 value brand globally, offers power you can trust. Whether using them in your smart lock, TV remote, flashlight, wireless mouse, or other devices, Rayovac AA batteries are your reliable energy source, providing the power you need when needed.

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Using the best batteries for smart locks can be vital to their performance. If the battery performance is poor, it will make your smart lock challenging to operate and more costly to run.

When purchasing a new smart lock, choose one from a reputable brand like Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, or August. These brands have been manufacturing high-quality products for years, and this is evident in each product they release.

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1. What are the best batteries for the Kwikset Smart Lock?

Many people are using smart locks to improve the security of their homes. To ensure that these locks operate smoothly and securely, it is essential to have the right battery to power them for an extended period.

The best batteries for the Kwikset Smart Lock are:

2. What battery should I use for digital door locks?

Most of the digital locks are powered by 1.5V AA alkaline batteries. The batteries inside the package of all the door locks are usually weak and have been there for a long time. It is not advisable to use packaged batteries. Changing to new batteries is something we’ll recommend. Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac AA Alkaline batteries are the most recommended brands in the market for AA Batteries.

We recommend using Energizer or Duracell batteries.

Energizer, Duracell, and Rayovac AA Alkaline batteries are seen to be stronger and less likely to leak, as tested by customers. Digital Lock Malfunction has the number one killer: battery leaks. It’s a good idea to check it occasionally to ensure there isn’t a problem with your lock.

3. What are the Best batteries for Schlage locks?

If you’re looking for the best battery for your Schlage locks, you’ve come to the right place. There are many types of batteries available, and it is not very clear to know which is best for you.

4. What are the best batteries for the August Smart Lock?

Introduction August locks are one of the most popular smart locks on the market today, providing excellent security for your home or office. The August lock requires batteries to function, and choosing the right one is crucial to ensuring the lock works correctly.

Read more: Best batteries for the August smart lock.

5. What type of batteries do smart locks use?

Smart locks use a variety of batteries, depending on the manufacturer and model. The most common types are AA or AAA alkaline batteries, CR123A lithium batteries, and rechargeable batteries. Some smart locks may also use proprietary batteries specifically designed for that model.

6. How long do batteries typically last in a smart lock?

The battery life of a smart lock can vary depending on several factors, such as usage frequency, the type of battery used, and the specific smart lock model.

On average, AA or AAA alkaline batteries can last up to a year, while CR123A lithium batteries can last up to two years. Rechargeable batteries can last up to several months, depending on usage frequency.

7. Can I use rechargeable batteries in my smart lock?

Yes, many smart locks are compatible with rechargeable batteries. However, checking the manufacturer’s specifications is important to ensure the rechargeable batteries are compatible with your smart lock model. Additionally, rechargeable batteries may have a shorter lifespan than traditional alkaline or lithium batteries and require more frequent charging.

Read more: Best rechargeable batteries for door locks.

8. What happens if the batteries die in my smart lock?

If the batteries die in your smart lock, you may be unable to unlock or lock the door using the smart lock’s electronic features.

However, many smart locks have a physical key backup option that can be used to unlock or lock the door manually. It is important to keep a physical key as a backup in case of a battery failure.

9. Can I monitor the battery life of my smart lock remotely?

Many smart lock manufacturers offer mobile applications that allow you to monitor the battery life of your smart lock remotely.

These applications can alert you when the battery is running low and provide information on the remaining battery life. Some smart locks may also have a low battery indicator light on the lock itself.

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