5 Best Batteries For Smart Locks

If you have a smart lock and want to know the best batteries for your smart lock, then this is the article for you.

When you first decide to invest in a smart lock, there’s one factor that really needs to be taken into consideration – battery life. While some people don’t want electrical wiring for their front doors and are glad to have an option for battery-powered locks, others don’t just want a lock but a completely automated solution.

Storing batteries is still a huge issue with manufacturers of smart locks. As a result, they’re not consistent in the level of battery life they provide their consumers. But despite this lack of consistency, there are still some situations where you can use more than one battery to extend your smart lock’s battery life.

5 Best Batteries For Smart Locks Review

1=Energizer AAA Batteries, Max Triple A Max Battery Alkaline

Best Batteries For Smart Locks
Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Brighten your day and the lives of your kids with Energizer Max alkaline AAA batteries! These batteries will power most everyday devices for years to come. They’re non-stop power that will never let you down.Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Energizer Max alkaline AAA batteries are the longest-lasting AAA battery available. These batteries have an integrated circuit that powers up to 10 years in storage to keep you powered and ready for everyday usage-so you never need to worry about running out of power. Their non-stop energy powers your devices as they work in and out of storage, ensuring they’re always ready when you need them most.

2=POWEROWL High-Capacity Alkaline AA AAA Batteries Combo

10-Year Shelf Life – Pack of 16

The POWEROWL High-Capacity Alkaline AA AAA Batteries Combo is the best batteries for smart locks and other devices that need extra power, including everyday devices like clocks, digital cameras, computer mice and toys.

The 1.5-volt alkaline batteries deliver optimal power to common everyday household devices such as clocks, remote controls, game controllers, and digital cameras. These are air-and liquid-tight seal locks in the power until it’s needed thanks to the improved design, which includes dual crimps, a new zinc composition, and anti-corrosion components.

3=Amazon Basics Alkaline Battery

Best Batteries For Smart Locks
Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Amazon AA/AAA 1.5-volt batteries are ideal for a wide range of devices, with a 10-year leak-free shelf life. They deliver just the amount of power needed for a specific device, so you can use them over and over again in your favorite gadgets like locks or cameras without running out of juice. With these alkaline batteries, you’ll have more than enough energy to keep working on whatever you need to do—at home or on the go.

Amazon AA/AAA 1.5-volt performance alkaline batteries for reliable performance across a wide range of devices, with a 10-year leak-free shelf life.

4=Duracell – Copper Top AA + AAA Alkaline Batteries

Best Batteries For Smart Locks
Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Duracell Copper Top 20 count AA and Clay 12-Pack 9 volt, Features: Coppertop rubber sealed pack provides powerful light at low wattage, Duracell provides protected alkaline batteries with clay cells that last longer than others. An economical solution is to buy 20% more batteries. Each compact & sturdy battery lasts up to 7 times longer vs. standard alkaline batteries

Duracell is the most trusted brand of batteries in the world. Our batteries are manufactured by only one company and are tested to ensure quality and performance, so you know that when you use Duracell batteries they will work reliably and last longer than any other brand. It’s time to say goodbye to cheap, inferior batteries!

5=Rayovac AA Batteries, Alkaline Double A Battery

Best Batteries For Smart Locks
Best Batteries For Smart Locks

Rayovac Double A Batteries are a trusted name that has been in business since 1875, providing dependable power for everyday use. Whether you need AA batteries for your tools or electronic devices, we have the right brand for you. These double A batteries last up to 10 years and are made with quality components that keep your devices working longer.

Rayovac High Energy AA Batteries are ideal as flashlights and other high-use devices, including smart locks, wireless mice, remotes and toys. Rayovac Double A battery options include Duracell Coppertop power and you get longer shelf life at a better price – in most devices based on ANSI runtime.


Using the best batteries for smart locks can be vital to their performance. If the battery performance is poor it will make your smart lock difficult to operate and more costly to run. When purchasing a new smart lock ensure that you choose one from a reputable brand like Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, or August. These brands have been manufacturing high-quality products for years and it shows with each product they release.


1. What are the best batteries for smart locks?

The best batteries for smart locks are those that can last for years.

2. Are there any batteries that are better than others?

There are different types of batteries. Some are rechargeable, and some are not.

3. How long can a battery last?

Batteries will last anywhere from one day to many years, depending on the type of battery.

4. What kind of batteries do I need for smart locks?

There are many kinds of batteries. Some of the more common ones are alkaline, lithium, and button cell.

5. Can I use any type of battery in my smart locks?

You can use any type of battery you want as long as it fits the specifications of your smart lock.

6. How do I know what kind of batteries I need?

You can usually find the specifications on the box of the battery or on the packaging.

7. How do I know if I’m using the right kind of batteries?

You can usually tell by the color of the battery. The best batteries for smart locks are usually black.

8. How do I know how to replace batteries?

It’s very easy to replace batteries. You just need to follow the instructions on the packaging.

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