5 best Smart Locks for Screen and Storm doors

If you are looking for smart lock for screen door and storm doors, you are in the correct place because we discuss here the best screen and storm door locks.

Smart lock for screen door can fight all weather conditions like heatproof, waterproof, and scratch-proof anti-theft proof and anti-drill proof.

Author Verdict

In short, I tested here best screen door locks because a wrong decision paid us the loss of property.

It would be a definitive decision to move your emphasis on your home’s front entryway, all things considered, as this is the area that needs the most security.

Screen and storm doors are normally, for the most part, around 1 Inch thick for a standard keyless lock to be introduced on them.

We have selected the 6 best Screen and storm door locks for you. Please choose from it according to your likeness and budget. You understand these locks are the best selection

1. CUEA Remote Control Smart Door Lock

smart locks for screen doors

Smart Locks for Screen Doors
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The lock is made of stainless steel, and the key is plastic. The lock has a fingerprint sensor, and the key has a mechanical key. 

Smart lock for screen door  can be opened by swiping a card or entering a password. It can also be opened by pressing the button on the key. 

The lock is waterproof and can withstand high temperatures. It can also be used in high humidity environments.

The lock was awarded “Best Smart Lock” at CES 2018 in Las Vegas, United States.

The lock is a smart lock, which can be used as a door lock, window lock, cabinet lock, and safe. The lock has a built-in fingerprint sensor. It can be used as a door lock or window lock. The fingerprint sensor is compatible with Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

The fingerprint sensor can also unlock the device when it is connected to the computer via a USB cable. The touch screen has been designed to be waterproof and wear-resistant to be used in wet conditions without damage. The touch screen is also scratch-resistant and anti‑glare so that it will not easily get dirty or scratched by fingerprints.

The device has an alarm function that will alert you if the battery level gets low or if the wrong password is entered too many times in succession. It also has an aging password function that will automatically change your password.smart locks for screen doors

2. ROOK Keyless Entry Smart Door Lock

smart locks for screen doors
smart locks for screen doors


Best Smart lock for screen doorEnjoy effortless access with the ROOK Keyless Entry Door Lock. This door lock comes with a keypad and fingerprint ID, so you can ensure that no one but you can get into your home.

You have access to the ROOK app, which allows you to set up temporary or, if you prefer, permanent access for friends and family.

With an average battery life of 2 years, this security device is resistant to water thanks to its IP65 weatherproof rating.

smart locks for screen doors

3. Prime-Line Products 5130 Storm Door Lock  

Smart Locks for Screen Doors
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Prime-Line Products 5130 Smart locks for screen doors are the perfect option for your security needs.

Lock features a diecast handle, stamped steel mortise case, and solid brass double keyed 5 pin tumbler cylinder lock. Screen door locks are perfect for any home or business with a security concern.

Prime-Line Products 5130 Smart locks for screen doors are made in the USA and are designed to fit any door thickness 1 Inch. to 1-1/2 Inch.

4. Ideal Security Door Handle with Keyed Deadbolt for Storm and Screen Doors

smart locks for screen doors

Smart Locks for Screen Doors
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Ideal security keyed deadbolt offers a variety of door handles and locksets for your home, including screen doors.

The Ideal Security Smart locks for screen doors feature a keyed deadbolt, which means they require a key to turn on.

Ideal Security Door Handle with Keyed Deadbolt for Storm and Screen Doors features a screw hole center size of 1-3/4 inches and is secured by surface mount installation.

5. IULOCK Code Door Locksmart locks for screen doors

Smart Locks for Screen Doors
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IULOCK Code Door Lock for screen doors is a great solution for your entry door and office. It is durable and has a waterproof design that can be installed on any entrance door. It has a long battery life with 50 codes, easy to use and install for front doors or garages.

Smart lock for screen door  works great in any weather and features an auto-lock behind you for peace of mind during your time away. Password disguise, silent mode, etc., depending on your needs, you can also customize your code to protect your privacy.

6. LARSON Certified Storm Door Lock 

Smart Locks for Screen Doors
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The Larson Certified Storm Door Revere Mortise Set (Aged Bronze) is a stylish and convenient door lock for your screen doors. It requires a factory bored 5/8-in by 5-3/4-in mortised hole on the edge of the door.

With its stylish design, this lock will enhance the look of your door. It will add convenience with an easily operated lever that can rotate to view inside or outside the screen door. This lock features a keyed deadbolt for addition.


smart locks for screen doors

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Smart Locks for Screen Doors: Benefits and Cost

It’s natural for homeowners to want to keep their homes secure. They might even feel that their home is more secure with a smart lock than an ordinary lock. However, it’s important to consider the costs of buying and maintaining a smart lock versus the cost of just leaving a locked screen door open. To help make the decision easier, here are some benefits and costs that come with getting a new make-over on your screen door to install a smart lock.

Benefits and Costs

Storm door deadbolt Lock is great, but they aren’t without their flaws. In the process of securing your home, you can’t neglect the cost that comes with it. Smart locks have become popular because they make a lot of sense for homeowners. They are easy to install and use. They help keep your family safe from potential intruders by providing access control to only those who need it.

You might also think about how much you want to spend on smart locks for screen doors versus how much it would cost to leave your screen door open all the time. If you decide a smart lock is worth the investment, be sure to consider the benefits and costs involved before buying one.

The benefit of a Smart Lock

One of the benefits of an inside storm door deadbolt is that it can be controlled with your phone. With these smart locks, it’s easy to let people into your home or send a notification to them if you’re not there. The ability to allow access or block out people benefits from owning one of these smart locks.

Cost of a smart lock for screen door

First, you have to think about the cost of a smart lock. One of the most popular brands in smart locks is August. They offer many models that range from $49-$179, but they all have a one-time purchase fee. However, after that initial purchase fee, you don’t need to make another investment on your lock for years and years.

Another benefit of the price is that these locks are easy for anyone to install themselves. You don’t need any professional help or tools to install it; just a screwdriver and some time will do!

The final benefit is that you can rest assured knowing that your privacy is well protected with this brand of lock. This ensures that no one can enter your home without your permission while you’re away.


Screen door keyless locks are a great summertime accessory and provide a touch of style and privacy to your home, but they can be a great deal harder to use than regular doors.

Now you can use smart lock for screen door to make your screen door easier to use. Smart locks are easy to install and cost-effective, and they even come in a variety of styles and colors that will match your home’s décor.

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