10 Best Door Locks for Airbnb in 2024

Looking to ensure the safety and satisfaction of your Airbnb guests? Selecting the right door lock is crucial. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll walk you through the essential factors to consider when choosing the best door locks for Airbnb properties. Discover how to enhance security while providing convenience and durability for a seamless guest experience.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

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Choosing the best door locks for your Airbnb property is vital for guest security and satisfaction. By assessing your needs, prioritizing security, and considering convenience, durability, and compatibility, you can make an informed choice.

Provide peace of mind to your guests while safeguarding your property with the right door locks in place. Create a secure and comfortable environment that enhances the overall Airbnb experience.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

You can also have Alexa control your smart TV or thermostat! Additionally, Alexa can even advise guests of motion detected on your security cameras. Creating a safe and secure environment is very important.

Please choose the best from our recommended Airbnb Smart Locks


Over All The Best
Runner Up
Amazon's Choice
August Home AUG-SL05-M01-S01 August Wi-Fi, (4th...
SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen...
Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad...
August Home AUG-SL05-M01-S01 August Wi-Fi, (4th...
SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen...
Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad...
Over All The Best
August Home AUG-SL05-M01-S01 August Wi-Fi, (4th...
August Home AUG-SL05-M01-S01 August Wi-Fi, (4th...
Runner Up
SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen...
SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen...
Amazon's Choice
Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad...
Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad...

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10 Best Airbnb Smart Lock Options for 2024

In today’s technology-driven age, remote access has become an integral part of our lives. From changing locks to enhancing personal security, the ability to open doors remotely offers unparalleled convenience. With a plethora of options available for smart lock apps, it’s important to choose the right one.

We’ll explore the benefits of smart door locks and present the top 10 Airbnb smart lock options for 2024.

If you want to learn about the features of each of the locks and how they work, please continue reading.

1. August Smart Lock (Overall The Best Airbnb Smart Lock)



August Smart Lock Pro is the best smart lock for Airbnb. It fits over most deadbolts with ease and offers seamless integration with Airbnb. Potential guests will automatically be issued an invite to download and install the app, allowing them access to your listing only during the dates of their stay.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

You’ll also be able to monitor the state of the lock via the app and ensure that no one is accessing your listing when they aren’t supposed to be.


  • It fits over your existing deadbolt with no modifications needed
  • The sensing device ensures the door is completely shut
  • Auto-lock feature locks the door after a certain amount of time of being unlocked
  • Can unlock automatically


  • May need to adjust your lock’s alignment so that the August Smart Lock can turn the deadbolt easily
  • The deadbolt is not easy to turn by hand

Its price is $190.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon


2. Yale Assure Smart Lock (Best for Airbnb)


The Yale Assure door lock is a very secure smart lock with many benefits. It has an alarm system, a fingerprint scanner, a keypad, and a built-in microphone. It is also easy to install and can be used with most doorbells.

The Yale Assure Smart Lock can be programmed to allow access only to authorized individuals and is remotely monitored and controlled by a smartphone app. The built-in camera and microphone can also be unlocked from a distance.Best Door Locks for Airbnb

The Yale Assure has a button inside the door that guests can press to disable all codes quickly. This might appeal to guests who worry that the staff might walk in on them and want a higher sense of privacy. The Yale Assure is also lockable, so you can keep your place safe even if you’re out of town.


  • Voice guidance for the keyhole
  • Backlit touchscreen for easy visibility
  • Backwards-compatible with most security systems
  • 12 hours of battery life


  • Yale Assure Smart Lock requires a Z-wave-enabled smart hub to work
  • It cannot be used with Airbnb guests
  • It cannot be used with other locks

Its price is $227.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon



3. August Smart Lock, 3rd Generation

August has announced the release of its latest smart lock, the August 3rd Generation. The August 3rd Generation is a complete redesign of the August Smart Lock. It includes the August Smart Lock, the August Smart Key, and the August Home app.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

The August 3rd Generation allows you to add new devices to your home easily. It also allows you to access your August Smart Lock from anywhere.

For guests who want the convenience of a thumb-turn deadbolt with the security of a thumb-turn key lock, August has you covered with our new Smart Lock – 3rd Generation. This easy-to-use product requires no button presses or batteries to unlock or lock the door, making it easy for you to keep your Airbnb home resourceful and secure.

The August Smart Lock’s price point is also very attractive. We use one on every exterior door and an August Connect WiFi Bridge. So you can easily and securely connect your Airbnb guests to the network and keep them safe while in your home.


  • August Smart Lock is very easy to use with an obvious deadbolt thumb-turn
  • Has a keyhole for backup access if the batteries fail
  • You can manage access from anywhere (August Home app)
  • Incredible battery life


  • No Siri or HomeKit compatibility

Its price is $128.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon


4. SCHLAGE Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt (Best Schlage smart lock for Airbnb)


The Schlage Z-Wave Connect Camelot Smart Lock replaces your existing deadbolt. It offers a touchscreen keypad where guests can enter a 4-digit code. The Schlage Connect is probably the easiest smart lock because guests won’t have to sign up for and download an app to their phone. Plus, it’s easy to set up and use – press the button on your keypad, and your door will open!

The Schlage Camelot  Deadbolt is a smart, wireless deadbolt with a built-in alarm. It has a sleek design and a touchscreen control panel that lets you use your smartphone or tablet to control the deadbolt. The touch screen is easy to use, and the built-in alarm provides added security. The free app can control the deadbolt anywhere in the world.


  • Very easy to use
  • All the guest has to do is enter the 4-digit code, and the lock opens
  • Uses Schlage technology for security
  • Can manage codes from anywhere
  • Very pretty design


  • Can not be used as a traditional deadbolt
  • Requires a Z-wave-enabled smart hub
  • Can be used with Schlage’s other security products, like doorbells and motion detectors

Its price is $325.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon


5.  SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt

The SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt is a sophisticated electronic door lock for homes and hotels.

It offers features like fingerprint recognition, remote eKeys sharing, and compatibility with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. This guide provides a detailed explanation of its key concepts, installation process, functionalities, and benefits.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb


Best Keyless Rental Features

Smart Deadbolt: A modern, motorized lock that can be operated electronically, usually via a smartphone app, keypad, or other smart devices.

Bluetooth Connectivity: A wireless technology that allows devices to communicate over short distances, enabling the smartphone to connect and control the smart lock.

Fingerprint Recognition: Biometric technology that identifies individuals using unique fingerprint patterns.

Remote eKeys Sharing: The ability to remotely grant temporary or permanent access to others, typically through a smartphone app.

Voice Assistant Integration: Enabling the smart lock to be controlled and monitored using voice commands through platforms like Alexa and Google Assistant


Smart Home Security ProductsThe SMONET Bluetooth Keyless Entry Smart Deadbolt is an advanced electronic lock for homes and hotels. It offers fingerprint recognition and remote eKeys sharing and works with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Buy From Amazon


6. Kwikset 92640-00 Single Cylinder Deadbolt

Kwikset 92640-001 Contemporary Electronic Keypad Single Cylinder Deadbolt with 1-Touch Motorized Locking, Satin Nickel, 8 x 4


Kwikset keypads are some of the best around. They are well-built and have excellent durability. The deadbolts are easy to install and are made from high-quality materials. The Kwikset keypads are also easy to use. They have a large, easy-to-see display and a simple menu system. Kwikset keypads are very reliable and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Keep your Airbnb property clean and organized with this high-security keypad lock. With a code capacity of up to 128 characters, this model provides plenty of room for each of your guests to enter their code. The numbers also light up when you press them, which is always a nice feature, especially if your guests are arriving late and you don’t have a light near the doorway on your property.Best Door Locks for Airbnb

With a sleek design and easy-to-use interface, the smart lock from Amazon is perfect for Airbnb hosts. With an easily accessible keypad and 8 different security modes, it’s easy to keep your guests safe while they’re staying in your accommodation.


  • Backlit keypad
  • Use with a standard key
  • Easy to install
  • Low battery indicator
  • Long warranty


  • Having limited codes

Its price is $85.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon


7. Sifely S Model Smart Lock and Gateway Bundle


Smart Home Security ProductsIf you’re renting an apartment or house and want to make it as secure as possible, then the Sifely Smart Lock is the way to go. It’s a complete system that lets you control your front door from anywhere in the world.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

Buy From Amazon

This smart door lock also has a built-in camera that allows you to monitor who is coming and going, and it’s even capable of alerting you when someone attempts to break in. This system is ideal for apartment and house owners who want to keep their tenants and house guests safe and secure.

Best Keyless Rental Features

  • Store 200+ codes and 100 fingerprint
  • Auto-Lock Enabled!
  • Active feedback of “Unlocked,” “Locked,” and “Battery Level Low.”
  • Sifely Gateway, smart speaker to lock or unlock our lock
  • 4 AA batteries for long power for up to one year
  • Instantly, Easily Generated Codes!
  • Manage Access and Monitor Activity!

Buy From Amazon

8. Advanced Security TurboLock Keyless Smart Lock


You are no more struggling to get your door locked from the outside! With TurboLock Smart Lock, you can easily and quickly lock your door without worrying about Bluetooth or installation. Insert the key card into the lock and wait for it to lock your door automatically. Plus, our sleek satin chrome design will look great in any home.

The perfect locks for your Airbnb rental home. Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code, and up to 8 user-specific codes. They’re easy to use – program the keyless lockers with a master code, an entry code, and up to 8 user-specific codes, and you’re ready to go.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

The simple-to-use design makes them easy to set up – replace most standard U.S. front door locks and install them in minutes.

Have your Airbnb rental door locked with the best security systems. Our safe automatic locking doors are built with a backup battery port and year-round durability so that you can stay safe while away. Our smart battery backup will keep your rental door locked even if your batteries go out.

Best Rental Keyless Features

  • Program the keyless door locks with a master code, a standard entry code, and up to 8 user-specific codes
  • Replace most standard U.S. front door locks, install in minutes, and fit both left and right doors.
  • Energizer lithium AAA batteries for up to 2 years of use
  • YL-99 is weather-ready with dust- and water-resistance


  • Having limited codes

Its price is $225.  If you like, You can buy it on Amazon


9. TruePower 11-1126 NetBolt Smartlock Keyless Door Lock (Best Budget Keyless Door Lock)


The TruePower 11-1126 NetBolt Smartlock Keyless Door Lock is a smart door lock that can be used for both residential and commercial properties. It has an easy-to-use keypad and a built-in remote control, allowing you to lock or unlock your door anywhere. The TruePower 11-1126 NetBolt Smartlock Keyless Door Lock is one of the best keyless door locks you can find today.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb


Best Rental Keyless Features

  • Manage access remotely using your smartphone and e-keys
  • Send temporary access codes for guests
  • Manage an unlimited number of deadbolts from a single *FREE* app
  • Perfect for rental property and Airbnb owners

It’s only $40: Buy from Amazon

10. HOTATA Keyless Entry Door Locks

Smart Home Security Products The HOTATA Smart Lock is the ultimate keyless entry door lock for rental properties. It’s a smart lock that you can control remotely and has a built-in fingerprint sensor. You can also use it to unlock doors with a code, an RFID card, or a physical key.

Best Door Locks for Airbnb

The HOTATA keyless lock comes with a keypad and a remote that you can use to open and close the door. It also has a built-in panic button and a motion sensor to detect if someone is breaking in. This smart lock is the ultimate solution for rental properties.

Best Rental Keyless Features

  • Upgrade 6-in-1 Keypad door lock
  • Fast Fingerprint Respons
  • Share the Ekey & Passcode
  • Easy Installation
  • No hidden charges or long-term costs

It is only $100. Buy From Amazon

Why do we need smart locks for Airbnb?

1. Assess Your Needs

Understand your unique requirements by considering property type, location, local regulations, guest expectations, and budget. This initial assessment will help you narrow down your choices effectively.

2. Prioritize Security

Ensuring the safety of your guests and property is paramount. Choose door locks with robust security features.

a. Opt for Deadbolt Locks

Select deadbolt locks with a minimum one-inch throw length for superior resistance against forced entry.

b. Consider Grade Ratings

Look for locks graded by reputable organizations like ANSI or BHMA. Grade 2 or Grade 1 locks offer enhanced security.

c. Key Control

Choose locks with restricted key duplication to prevent unauthorized key copies.

3. Convenience and Ease of Use

Strive for convenience without compromising security. Consider the following aspects:

a. Keyless Entry Systems

Explore electronic or smart locks that allow guests to enter using codes or smartphone apps, eliminating the need for physical keys.

b. User-Friendly Interface

Opt for locks with intuitive and straightforward interfaces, enabling guests to operate them easily.

c. Remote Access

Enhance convenience and control by selecting locks with remote access capabilities, enabling you to manage access to your property from anywhere.Best Door Locks for Airbnb

4. Durability and Maintenance

Choose door locks built to withstand regular use and varying weather conditions. Look for materials such as stainless steel or solid brass for excellent durability. Select locks that require minimal maintenance, saving you time and effort.

5. Compatibility and Integration

Ensure the selected door locks are compatible with your property’s infrastructure. If opting for smart locks, check their compatibility with popular home automation systems or Airbnb management platforms for seamless integration with other security and management features. Read the best Airbnb smart locks that work with Google Home.

6. Seek Reviews and Expert Advice

To gain insights into the performance and reliability of different door locks, read reviews and seek advice from industry experts or fellow Airbnb hosts. Online forums, professional associations, and product review websites are valuable resources for informed decision-making.

Ava Smart Home Way of Selecting the Best Door Locks for Airbnb

The best smart lock for Airbnb is getting increasingly popular these days. Airbnb has included them in their security system, and we think you should, too! Smart locks allow you to keep your visitor logs, contact information, and other sensitive data locked away securely.

Not only is this helpful for protecting your guests, but it can also help you investigate any future issues with them. Here are some of the best smart lock options for Airbnb. 

Ratings and Reviews of the Best Smart Locks for Airbnb Rentals

When it comes to smart locks, there are many options out there. We’ve gathered some of the best reviews and ratings for the smart locks for Airbnb.

 We are considering the following questions:

  • What type of security do you need: physical or digital?
  • How much data must be protected: contact information, logins, and other sensitive data?
  • How secure should the lock be?
  • Do you want a keypad lock or a code lock?
  • Do you need an app to use it?
  • How often should the lock be checked?
  • What kind of aesthetically pleasing design are you looking for?


What are the benefits of using the best smart locks for Airbnb Rentals? 

  • Smart locks allow you to keep your visitor logs, contact information, and other sensitive data locked away securely.
  • They help you investigate any issues with your guests in the future.
  • They help protect your guests’ stay at Airbnb.

How does Airbnb smart lock work?

How does Airbnb smart lock work?

Airbnb has partnered with several smart lock manufacturers to provide hosts with a seamless and secure check-in process. When a host installs an Airbnb smart lock, they can connect it to their Airbnb account, which allows them to manage access to their property directly from the Airbnb app.

Guests receive a unique digital code that they can use to enter the property during their stay. Once their stay is over, the code automatically expires, preventing further access.

How to Use Airbnb Smart Locks

Using Airbnb smart locks is easy. Once a guest has booked their stay, the host can send them a digital code that they can use to enter the property. The guest enters the code into the smart lock keypad, and the lock will unlock. When guests leave, they can close the door behind them, and the lock will automatically engage.

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