Smart Heating Control Systems

Smart Heating Control Systems: Smart thermostats allow us to have greater control of the temperature of our home and therefore increase our comfort. With these thermostats, we can program the desired temperature in our home for different time slots. In this way, with greater control over the switching on and off of our equipment, we can also save on our heating and/or air conditioning consumption. In the following table, we want to show you a couple of them, which are the ones that bring us closest to the desired comfort and that are not the past, but rather a reality and more intelligent than we might think.

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The digitization of home heating

A house without heating is almost impossible to find today. But digitized heating or smart heating is more than that. Many homes today are connected to mobile devices that notify us even if milk is needed in the fridge. Or, for example, they notify us if we have left a window open at home. Or that allows us to manipulate the smart heating system from any point remotely. In the following article, we explain smart heating and the advantages of having one of these air conditioning systems at home. Learn New Build Heating Regulations

What is smart heating and how does it work?

Regardless of where we are, being able to program to reach the temperature and comfort we need on cold days is something that is already feasible in our homes. Today it is very common to hear the concept of a “connected home”. And in the case of heating: Smart heating “. As a general rule, heating controllers are the first to sign up for the Internet of Things (IoT) to offer smarter and greener systems and improve, among other things, the energy-saving and efficiency of our homes.

The operation of this type of intelligent heating is really simple. They work the same as the heaters of a lifetime. The only difference is that they can be controlled, turned on, off, adjusted, etc. From any point through our mobile phones. All this is possible since they are connected to an intelligent system that allows us to send you the information through your mobile, and the intelligent system gives you the order that we have previously made. You check out Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa

Advantages of having a smart home heating system

Before going fully into the advantages of having an intelligent heating system at home, we want to make it clear that for this type of system to give the expected result, you must first advise yourself on the type of system you have at home since we remind you that a centralized heating system is not the same as an individual heating system.

  • Freedom

Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats allow you to control the heating system at home despite not being in it. The latest connectivity technologies allow you to turn the heating on and off at any time and from anywhere, allowing you to act and modify your home’s temperature in the face of any unforeseen event.

  • Comfort

The freedom to program anywhere and at any time undoubtedly gives us greater comfort. The fact of being able to anticipate our movements and turn on the heating a few minutes before arriving at our homes is an option thanks to Wi-Fi-controlled thermostats.

  • Saving

The more we control the heating, the greater the energy savings we will have at home. Avoiding forgetfulness and leaving the heating system on while we are not at home represents an expense. If we can control it remotely, it will represent savings and less energy consumption. Modulating technology is added to this type of functionality, which guarantees that the boiler will only increase or decrease its power as needed, without continuous starts or stops that make the boiler consume much more energy.

  • Help the environment

Many people in Spain have the bad habit of leaving the heating on at home when they leave it in the morning, perhaps due to forgetfulness, but often also because of the belief that it is better to keep the temperature at home constant and in this way to save energy. However, it is a false belief and what we generate with it is an unnecessary energy consumption that greatly affects the planet. If most people have this habit, the damage we are causing is irreparable. You can review Best Smart Thermostat for Heating Control 2022

On the other hand, if we have the possibility of being able to verify if we have left it on and we have the possibility of turning it off from a remote site, we can not only save but at the same time contribute the grain of sand with the planet and with the generations that are on the way.

5 Smart Proposals for Heating 


System Description (Air conditioning digitization) Price—-
Nest smart thermostats
  • Nest is without a doubt the quintessential thermostat
  • It boasts of being present in millions of homes and having saved billions of kWh around the world
  • belongs to google
Netatmo models
  • Netatmo a company that was created a year later than Nest and is another the companies that are becoming more important in the world of the Internet of Things
  • It is possible to save up to 37% on the electricity bill which corresponds to heating
  • Optimizes electrical consumption
Smart heating with Tado
  • Less known but with great growth in the market
  • Optimize consumption, saving up to 31%
Momit          A brand that also manufactures this type of device

  • On its website, in addition, we can check what our savings will be based on how much we spend annually on air conditioning


The Future of Heating: New Technologies

When we talk about the future, we are perhaps talking about a present that is very close to us and surprises us every day with new developments and leaps and bounds of science. The same thing happens with intelligent heating. Even today, a company is betting on a not-too-distant future of even being able to incorporate into household linen. These fibers are adapted to the necessary heating in our homes, and they work together with our heating system.

However, let’s talk about the new technologies already incorporated into our homes. Many countries are studying the implementation of digitized heating systems in most buildings. Systems capable of being monitored from anywhere contribute to saving for end-users and energy savings. Energy or its generation is one of the main strengths of governments. The more technology that can be implemented in them, the easier it will be to generate energy, and much greater will be the savings that can be used for many other things that, until today, must be done extra.

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