Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only: Most Efficient Lifestyle

Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only is for those who want to keep the thermostat set at a constant temperature for heat only and not for the whole house. The thermostat will be set by you and this can be a comfortable setting to avoid going out in cold. It will also save electricity when you are not there. You can get the best smart thermostat for heat only from brands like Nest, Honeywell, Ecobee, Haier, Samsung, and others.


Would you like to heat your own home smarter and save a lot of money on heating costs every year?

Then smart extensions in the form of flexibly controllable thermostats are suitable: Smart home heating. Here you will find popular and good models.

Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only
Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only
Set the temperature from the comfort of your sofa. Go with a smart home heater.

The Essentials in Brief:

  1. With Smart Home extensions for heating, high energy costs can be avoided.
  2. For this purpose, thermostats can be easily attached and can be controlled via WLAN, radio, and an app.
  3. Another advantage: the heating can be regulated while you’re out and about so that it’s always comfortably warm when you get home.
  4. It is particularly practical if you already have other smart home devices or a voice assistant. You can even use voice commands to control your heating.

 Smart Home Heating in Check

Smart home heating is no longer a rarity: numerous suppliers now offer smart home products for upgrading their own heating systems. In the following, we will show you which of them are particularly suitable for saving and heating effectively.

Bosch Smart Home starter set for heating

With the smart home starter set from Bosch, you can control your heating even more individually and thus reduce energy costs. Thanks to the supplied Smart Home Controller, which is connected to the home WLAN, the two supplied heating thermostats can be easily operated via the app. If the door or window is open, you will receive a message on your smartphone, and the heating output will be adjusted to save energy.

“After a week of operation, I don’t want to do without the comfort of the system, for example turning down all the heating in the living room for the night from bed with a tap of a finger on the tablet,” says a satisfied Amazon buyer.

The facts at a glance:

  • 1 Smart Home Controller including power pack
    1 door/window contact
  • 2 radiator thermostats
  • Thermostats can be controlled manually or via an app

Könighaus infrared heating system and smart home heating thermostat

Would you like to equip a room with an easy-to-install smart home heating system and operate it via an app? Then the infrared heater from Könighaus with the included smart home socket could be the right product for you. The radiator provides an eight to 16-square-meter room with electrical heat – the intensity can also be regulated on the go thanks to the socket connected to the WLAN via smartphone.

Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only
Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only
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A customer writes: “ Finally the right temperature in the bathroom, just the way I want it. Without having to switch the heating on every time. Super easy installation, plug in and you’re done.”

The facts at a glance:

● Infrared heating with Smart Home socket
● Digital thermostat allows 7-day planning
● Radiators particularly suitable for allergy sufferers (no dust raising)

Homematic IP radiator thermostat – control via app and voice

A particularly simple smart home heating: The Homematic IP heating thermostat from eQ-3 AG does not require any additional controllers or base stations and works immediately as soon as it is screwed onto existing valves with a metal union nut. The temperature can be set directly on the radiator thermostat, via the Homematic IP wall thermostat, or via the Homematic IP app. In addition, the system is compatible with Alexa and can also be controlled by voice commands. In combination with an optionally available door and window sensor, the thermostat can turn down the heating during ventilation and protect against mold growth thanks to the humidity measurement.


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Radiator Thermostat Heating IP Smart Intelligent Voice Control Bathroom Kitchen


“It works reliably and is just as easy to set up and control. Depending on the announcement, Alexa now controls our room temperature up and down as desired, but this also works manually or via the app, no matter where you are. Control over everything and at any time, even when you’re on the go. We think it’s just perfect!”, writes a customer on Amazon.

The facts at a glance:

  • 1 heating thermostat
  • Power is supplied by two AA batteries
  • programmable temperature control
  • built-in anti-limescale and anti-freeze system

Honeywell Smart Thermostat Heating Controller

More comfort, better control, and lower heating costs: This starter package is suitable for operation with radiators and underfloor heating. Particularly practical for on-the-go: After setting up the central control panel with WiFi function, the two heating thermostats supplied can also be easily controlled via the app. In this way, you can also check on holiday whether the heating has really been turned down before you leave the apartment.

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HONEYWELL Evohome starter package WiFi 2 wireless radiator controls THR99C3102 new
Honeywell Home Starter Paket Evo home THR99C3102

The facts at a glance:

● 1 central control unit with a power pack
● 2 heating thermostats
● voice commands possible via Amazon Alexa
● mobile access via smartphone and tablet
● customizable heating ducts for up to 12 rooms

 Which smart home heater is right for me?

Before you buy a smart home heating system, it is good to know that many manufacturers are still working with different technologies. This means that not all heating thermostats are compatible with each other. If you want to upgrade your smart home over time, you should think about the advantages and disadvantages of the respective providers in advance.

It is therefore best to think about what your smart home should be able to do: is heating control via an app sufficient for you, or would you like to use other smart functions with door and window sensors?

Some users swear by self-sufficient products that work without a central control element, while others want a WLAN-compatible wall panel that also communicates wirelessly with the heating thermostats. However, all products have one thing in common: They help you to keep your energy consumption as low as possible, heat your home comfortably and give you more control and security when you are out and about.

 What is the advantage of smart home heating?

In short: Such a heating system only has advantages. The thermostats are usually equipped with intelligent sensors that always optimally regulate your heating. So you always have an eye on energy consumption and can optimize it to save money. You can also conveniently control your heating when you are out and about. Are you coming back from vacation and want the apartment to be warm when you arrive? Then all you have to do is switch on the heating via the app and you’ll always have the perfect feel-good temperature.

If you have a language assistant such as Alexa, you can even control the heating via voice control. A great advantage, because then you practically never have to leave the sofa. You can’t get more comfortable than that.

You also have the option of creating smart heating plans with which you can heat your living space individually and in an energy-saving manner and coordinate the radiators via an app or a room thermostat. You can also set heating times accordingly, for example, that the heating starts at a certain time in the morning and goes off again in the evening. This also saves a lot of energy.

 What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing?

If you want to upgrade your home smartly, there are a few little things that you should definitely consider about your new device.

Most Efficient Home Heat

Do you already have a radiator that you want to convert or do you want to buy a completely new heating system? Both options exist: either you get a smart heating thermostat or a complete heating system including a heat generator. However, this is much more expensive than upgrading existing models.

Radiator thermostat or wall thermostat?

As described in the previous point, the right thermostat is the be-all and end-all for your comfort. Here, too, you have several options: You can buy several programmable radiator thermostats that are connected to each other via a wireless standard. But then you also need a smart control center. This could be your smartphone, for example. The second option is a wall thermostat. Or room thermostat. You simply attach this to a wall and set the temperature centrally. The wall thermostat then “communicates” with the radiator and heats it up accordingly or switches it off.

How to control the Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only?

Another important point is the heating control.

Is the heating controlled by a control center?

A person who wants a smart thermostat with an easy operation that learns your preferences, schedule, and lifestyle. Best Smart Thermostat For Heat Only is controlled by an app on your smartphone, for example. Another option is language assistants such as Alexa, Siri, and Co. These work via voice control and then automatically implement the command.


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