How To Improve Home Heating Efficiency?

Heating systems are becoming more modern and present new technologies. The advances give us much more comfort, savings, and better equipment functioning. In other words, we made things easy, and it was not going to be less in heating systems.

How To Improve Home Heating Efficiency

For this reason, we want to introduce you to a few electronic devices that optimize the performance of the equipment we have at home.

Among them, we can find the different types of thermostats: analog, digitally programmable, or by WIFI; or even have an electric heating panel or convector.  Read also: Mr. Heater Portable Buddy Heater Reviews

A Thermostat in Heating Systems

The heating thermostat is an important element in controlling energy savings and achieving greater comfort in our homes. It is generally used to control and regulate the temperature of the rooms where we have our heating device installed.

Currently, there are many types of thermostats ranging from analog to the most modern that are fully digital.

1. Analog Thermostats

They are the thermostats we have known all our lives. They are equipped with rotary control, and we can decide if we want to increase or decrease the temperature with which we want to heat the rooms.

The operation is quite simple since it works using a pair of metals of different matter that come together by making contact according to the system’s temperature. The boiler is turned on or off once the desired temperature is achieved. Most older boilers have a built-in thermostat.

✓ Advantage: they are very simple to install and easily accessible at the purchase price.

✖ Disadvantage: it is an obsolete technology in terms of manufacturing and inaccurate in exact temperature control.

2. Digital Heating Thermostat

These types of thermostats are much more accurate than analog ones. The precision is very exact, and their operation is carried out using electronic devices and probes. In addition, they have a screen where the user can see the boiler’s temperature.

Being very precise, better performance is achieved, which ultimately translates into savings for better consumption.

✓ Advantage: easy to install and control, with the most up-to-date technology, and generally cheap.

✖ Disadvantage:

 They are not programmable and are recommended for usually sparsely inhabited homes.

3. Digital Programable Thermostat or Chronothermostat

It is a piece of equipment that replaces traditional thermostats and is only responsible for controlling the temperature. The main function of programmable thermostats is that they can program different temperatures at different times of the day. In general, hours are marked as “comfort” and others as “eco”.

The hours that we usually call comfort are when we are at home, and the temperature is what we want (higher in winter and lower in summer). While the hours called “eco” are those in which we are not at home.

Therefore, the start-up of our home’s air conditioning can be programmed. When you get home after a working day, the house will already have the ideal temperature. In addition, when leaving home, the air conditioning turns off by itself. In this way, we can avoid unnecessary energy consumption costs. 

The most modern Chrono thermostats have the possibility of turning on the heating through mobile phones. In this way, the heating can be activated a couple of hours before returning home.

✓ Advantage:

the possibility of being programmable with great precision, versatility in configuration variations, and proper use. We can achieve savings of 15-20% on our bill.

✖ Disadvantage:

they usually have a high price. Their use is more complex than other conventional thermostats, and batteries usually power them.

How To Improve Home Heating Efficiency
How To Improve Home Heating Efficiency?

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4. WIFI Digital Heating Thermostats

These types of digital thermostats are innovative. Since you can see the temperature graduation through applications installed on mobile phones, they do not usually vary much in price compared to the previous ones, and their use is quite simple.

There is a lot of variety on the market, and the characteristics are usually similar. Therefore, before choosing any thermostat with WIFI, we must consider the type of heating system that we want at home. Not all thermostats are applicable for all types of installations.

As a general rule, when it comes to having a WIFI thermostat at home, you have to take into consideration: price, if we want it wireless or wall-mounted, if we want it only for heating or for air conditioning as well, what type of connectivity and use we are going to give you, or even the type of design.

It is important to know that if the heating system were a boiler, it would not be necessary to have a thermostat of this type since we would not get the necessary match.

Technology Characteristics Price approx.

✓ Easy and intuitive
✓ Touch keys
✓ Weekly programming 6 stages daily
30 – 40
Chronothermostat ✓ Programmable lighting screen
✓ Regulation in modes: Manual – Auto
✓ Temperature regulation between 5ºC – 35ºC
50 – 100
electric panel ✓ Low energy consumption, Power 425 W
✓ Easy to install
✓ Length 60 cm, Depth 4 cm, Height 60 cm
50 – 60

Electric Heating Panel or Converter

The electric heating panel or convector is an electrical device that directly heats the air that passes through resistances. These resistors are heated using an electrical current. Most computers have an internal fan built to help circulate air more quickly. Since the hot air is less heavy, it rises and heats the rooms where this system is installed.

These devices are easy to transport since they usually weigh very little and many of them have wheels. They are easy to install and usually have low consumption. It is usually used for heating small rooms.

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Advantages of Having More Technological and Modern Heating at Home

Technological heating is an opportunity to equip our homes more intelligently. It is not a question of the future. Technology and changes are present in most things we least expect, and heating technology does not escape it. But do you know all the advantages you can have with more technological heating?

There are many advantages, but we want to highlight the three most important.

✓ Savings:

Being able to program our heating systems as and when we want produces monthly savings of up to 20%.

✓ Comfort:

With this type of heating, we can avoid wasting time, and we can find our home warm whenever we want. We can control when to turn off the heating, if we have forgotten to do so, before leaving home.

✓ Environment: 

By having more control or total control overheating systems, we can save a lot of energy. A saving that benefits our pockets and the environment directly.

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