Amazon Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa: Smarter heating with Alexa

Best Smart Thermostats That Work With Alexa: Operate a heater? That’s not hard. With the Smart Thermostat, Amazon wants to make it even easier for you to heat your own four walls.

Smart thermostats? They’re pretty complicated, said Amazon at its hardware event on Tuesday. With the Smart Thermostat, the company is now taking matters into its own hands. The device was created in cooperation with the household professionals from Honeywell and should be particularly easy to use. Users can easily control the thermostat by voice via, of course, Alexa. Alternatively, sensor keys are also available.

Alexa heats intelligently

Of course, that alone doesn’t make control any easier than turning the wheel on the heater. That’s why the device can do a little more. If Alexa has an idea (yes, you read that correctly) that you are not at home, the smart little helper will turn down the temperature. Same works if you too if Alexa thinks you’ve gone to bed. Both should help to save energy – and thus also put less strain on the wallet.Just how this mechanism has not yet been mentioned. I assume, however, the new sound recognition from Alexa will be used.

Prices and Availability

The Amazon Smart Thermostat will initially only be available in the USA. Overseas, Amazon is charging just $59.99 (about 51 euros) or, as the presentation said, half of what other smart thermostats in the mail order company’s range cost.

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