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Level Bolt Smart Lock Review

Level Bolt Smart Lock Review: The Level Bolt is a smart lock that does not require changing the layout of present deadbolts. The smart lock replaces the inner hardware and is controlled remotely through homeKit.

Level Bolt Smart Lock Review
Level Bolt Smart Lock Review


  • Smart Deadbolt that Works with Your Existing Lock
  • Keyless Lock Entry
  • App-Enabled Bluetooth Lock with Smartphone Access
  • Compatible with Apple HomeKit


  • Doesn’t work with Google Assistant
  • No door-open alert

Product details

Brand Level Home Inc.
Special Feature Level locks are designed to meet ANSI standard strike plate dimensions. See more
Lock Type Deadbolt
Item Dimensions LxWxH 3.31 x 1 x 2.25 inches
Material Stainless Steel
Style Bolt

Make Your Lock Smart

  • Level Bolt is the only way to invisibly transform your existing deadbolt.
  • Make your lock smart and maintain the design integrity of your home

Level Bolt Smart Lock Review

Google and Amazon have each created remarkable smart domestic structures, however, I don’t need to have anything to do with either of them. I don’t need them to have my data, and I don’t believe them to admire my security. Due to the fact that google and amazon aren’t smart domestic options for me, that leaves apple’s homekit. Homekit is a tremendous platform, however, it’s not as sophisticated as Google home and Amazon Alexa.

Google and amazon also have apple beat on the wide variety of merchandise available for their platforms. In spite of homekit’s deficit in sophistication and available products, I’ve chosen to attend it out for the proper homekit-enabled products. The level bolt is one of this merchandise that became nice and really worth the wait.

Installing Level Bolt

If you understand the way to install a deadbolt, then you definitely realize the way to install a level bolt. First, you get rid of the outer plates, and you then put off the internal locking mechanism. Subsequently, you insert the extent bolt hardware after which reattach the outer plates. It’s that easy!

In case you set up it effectively, you should be able to use the deadbolt as you did earlier. To make the magic manifest, you need to install the battery. Level Bolt makes adding and changing Once you insert the battery, set up and open the level home app and follow the setup instructions. There’s a very good hazard the lock will want a firmware replacement like mine did. The app will automatically update it for you, and it only takes about 1-2 mins.

Once you insert the battery, set up and open the level home app and follow the setup instructions. There’s a very good hazard the lock will want a firmware replacement like mine did. The app will automatically update it for you, and it only takes about 1-2 mins. the battery is tremendously smooth. Lock the bolt to increase it from the door and unscrew the give-up cap.

Using Level Bolt with HomeKit

Level Bolt Smart Lock Review
Level Bolt Smart Lock Review

The Level Bolt may be controlled and managed with the use of the extent domestic app, however the motive of having a homekit well-matched smart lock is to use it with apple’s home app, so I’m most effectively going to study the usage of that.

Virtual Lock Switch

The Level Bolt digital switches are to be had on the main display inside the domestic app. Unlocking and locking are as easy as tapping the lock button.

Since the Level Bolt works with homekit, it is able to also be controlled via Siri. For instance, I’m able to liberate my again door by telling Siri, “good day Siri, unlock the again door.”

Level Bolt Automating

Remote controlling deadbolts is fine, but using homekit automation with them is even the finest. In case you take benefit of location tracking, you may automatically have the deadbolts lock while you leave. You could also have them unlock whilst you arrive after which car-lock quickly after that. The automation that I take advantage of is time-based.

Once in a while, we forget about locking the front or again door at night. The extent bolt, coupled with automation, fixes that. I set an automation that locks the back and front doors at a particular time of the night if they aren’t already locked, and to this point, it’s labored flawlessly.

Level Bolt Smart Lock Review
Level Bolt Smart Lock Review


when you upload level bolt to the home app, it activates notifications by way of default. It’ll let you know whenever one of your locks is unlocked or locked. That includes whilst human beings manually locking it. It can get disturbing quickly, specifically when you percentage the home app along with your family, and it notifies them all.

Fortuitously, the home app gives the ability most effective to inform you at some point of positive times. For an instance, you can set it to only notify you all through the hours you generally sleep. In that manner, you can be notified if someone has compromised the lock, or if certainly one of your youngsters is attempting to sneak out of the residence.

Should you buy a Level Bolt?

In case you are devoted to the homekit platform like I’m, and also you’ve been expecting the perfect smart lock, the level bolt is set as exactly as it receives. I’m giving it a four. Five out of 5 due to the fact the construct satisfaction is excessive, it’s easy to put in and keep, I am getting to preserve my current hardware, and it does the whole thing I want it to do with the home app.

The handiest downside to the level bolt is the charge. It retails for $199, but I nonetheless suppose it’s well really worth it. In particular the peace of mind, it brings me at night time while it routinely locks my doors.


1. What is Level Bolt?

Level Bolt is a smart lock that connects to your smartphone. It allows you to unlock your door by using your phone, so you don’t have to carry a key with you. You can also set a time for your door to open and close.

2. How does it work?

The Bolt has three buttons: one for turning the key, one for unlocking the door, and one for locking the door. These buttons can be accessed either with your phone or a keypad mounted on the door itself. The Bolt is not an entirely new product. Some of its components were originally developed for car keys. It has been around for years but was not widely used until recently. It’s an easy-to-use, affordable option that can save you time and effort.

3. Is the Level bolt strong?

A level lock is a simple and effective way to secure your property against theft. With this, you can easily lock your house, your car, or your office and protect your possessions. For this to work, you need two things. First, you need a Level Lock and Second, you need to install the Level Lock app on your smartphone. These two things are easy to do. There are several reasons why you should use a level lock for securing your property.

4. How much does Level Bolt cost?

Level Bolt is available on Amazon for $ 173.

4. What is the best thing about Level Bolt?

The best thing about Level Bolt is that you don’t have to carry a key with you. It is a keyless entry lock.

6. What’s the worst thing about Level Bolt?

The worst thing about Level Bolt is that you have to pay a monthly fee to use the service.

7. Is it true that Level Bolt uses Wi-Fi?

Yes, Level Bolt uses Wi-Fi technology to connect to your smartphone.

Many people are already used to using their smartphones to open doors. This is becoming more common with Level locks. With the release of Level Lock – Touch Edition, you can now use a Level lock to unlock your door. There are two ways that you can use Level Lock – Touch Edition. First, you can use your finger to unlock the door. Second, you can use the device’s touch screen to unlock the door. Level Lock – Touch Edition uses your smartphone’s NFC technology to communicate with your Level lock.

8. How does Level Bolt compare to other smart locks?

Level Bolt is similar to Schlage, Kwikset, and Yale.

9. How long does Level Bolt last?

Level Bolt will last for 10 years.


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