August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4th

On Sale for New Low of $180 [Prime Day Deal]

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4

The fourth generation August Wi-Fi smart lock has dropped to a new low price of $180 for Prime Day. That’s down from its list price of $229.99.

This is a Prime Day Deal which means you’ll need to be a Prime member to get the discount. If you don’t already subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can get a free trial here.

In case you’re looking for a wi-fi smart lock that works with Amazon Alexa, google assistant or apple homekit, august’s tool places smarts at your door without changing your deadbolt.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4
August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4

Smart locks are the future of home automation, and August is leading the charge with Wi-Fi-enabled models that make it easy to upgrade your existing deadbolt.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 are famous, and for a suitable reason: the retrofit design makes them easy to put in without replacing your current deadbolt, and they are clever and sufficient to work with google assistant, apple homekit, and Amazon Alexa. The remaining year, we gave the august wireless smart lock our editors’ desire award for its smooth installation, notable app, and smart home integration. In 2021, it’s still retaining that award.

The August Smart Lock is a Wi-Fi-enabled deadbolt that fits on the inside of your door. It’s a smarter and more secure way to keep your home protected. The August app allows you to grant access for a certain period of time, or share access with others so they can come and go as they please and connect it to Wi-Fi.

Why we love it: We’re big fans of smart home technology, and the August Smart Lock is an awesome example of what’s possible today. Not only does this lock make getting in and out of your house easier, but it also lets you grant access using the August app with just the press of a button. Plus, if you don’t have any issues with putting keys under doormats, then get one now!

August Smart Lock reviews are pouring in, and they’re all raving about its convenience. With August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 installed on your door, you’ll have a smarter way to lock your home and feel safer from intruders.

With August smart locks you can grant access to friends and family members with ease via the app, but you won’t need to worry about key copying or losing your keys again. Install today and upgrade your deadbolt today!

Smaller smart lock design

August’s precise retrofit layout remains true to its roots in this fourth-generation model. What is remarkably exclusive is the size. The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 clever lock is forty five% smaller than its predecessors, measuring more or less 2. Eight inches in diameter and just 1. Eight inches extensive. At the same time as there may be never been something in particular unpleasant approximately the lock, putting a massive chunk of metal on the interior of your door is not an indoor dressmaker’s dream.

Almost all clever locks require this aesthetic obstruction, counting on a large battery and thumb latch housings set up on the indoor side of your door. I was extremely joyful with the small scale of this august model.

It is so a great deal less distracting, partially due to the fact I am a piece greater aware of seeing clever locks on doorways through now, but additionally because it’s virtually considerably smaller. A smart domestic should mixture, in my opinion, and august’s design is much more advanced in that regard.

August wi-fi smart lock installation

As usual, August wi-fi smart lock installation is a breeze when you have 10 mins and a screwdriver. You’ll also need to download the august app to be had on ios or android, as there may be a useful guide with animations to walk you via the procedure.

As it’s retrofitted, you may not want to do a lot in any respect to your physical deadbolt, beyond casting off the thumb latch at the indoor facet of the door. Next, you may match the august plate and accurate adapter to your lock, and clip at the wireless smart lock with its locking wings. I will take a second here to address my preferred smart lock hints. Make sure your door closes nicely earlier than you begin this technique.

Smart locks have problems calibrating and completely locking doorways that want an additional shove to close absolutely. Make certain the deadbolt moves freely and there isn’t any friction in the lock’s mechanics. Make sure you have got an amazing wi-fi connection. This influences now not most effective the setup but the lock’s everyday performance, too.

Maintain your screws organized. Which screw length goes where can simply matter on a smart lock. It’s crucial to do your exceptional to preserve the cam bar (see below) targeted within the august lower back plate even as you are comfortable with the screws. In case you discover that it’s too some distance up or down, loosen and readjust the screws even as retaining a piece of stress on the plate to keep it in location. It is difficult to healthy the vital adapter if matters are not covered up well.


1. What’s the best feature of this smart lock?

The best feature of this smart lock is the ability to connect with other smart locks. You can share codes with friends or family members so that they can access your home without having to use a key.

2. How does it work?

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 uses your existing Wi-Fi network to communicate with the lock.

3. What’s the difference between the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 and the previous version?

The previous version of the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock was designed for indoor use only. The new August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 has a wireless range of up to 50 feet.

5. What’s the difference between the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock and the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4?

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 includes a keypad and an optional motion sensor.

6. How much does the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 cost? The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 costs $222

7. Why should I buy the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock?

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock Gen 4 is a smart lock that allows you to control who can access your home.


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