Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

We are giving here Merkury innovations 1080p smart camera review Model: MI-CW020-101WW. It presents an affordable entry into the realm of smart home monitoring. With its 1080p resolution and various features, it aims to provide a budget-friendly solution for those seeking basic surveillance capabilities.

Author Opinion:

Great camera for what you pay for. In the newer models, you can select the area of movement. It has also special features like infrared night vision, weather resistance, and motion sensors.

Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

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Merkury innovations 1080p smart camera for Outdoor, Merkury Innovations is a company that manufactures and sells smart outdoor cameras.

The Good things are

  • A good option for the price
  • Supports multiple voice assistants
  • Easy to set up

The Merkury Innovations Smart Outdoor Camera is a very powerful camera that provides you with the most advanced features available for an outdoor camera. It is weather-resistant and has night vision and motion detection.

It can be controlled by voice commands or the camera can be used as a remote control. The camera is designed to work with the Merkury Smart Hub.

Brand Merkury Innovations
Model Name MI-CW020-101WW
Connectivity Technology Wireless
Special Feature Night Vision, Motion Sensor

Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

Merkury smart camera is a revolutionary outdoor camera that lets you view your home in real time from anywhere in the world.

Merkury camera setup allows you to see and speak to your family and pets from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. The Merkury Innovations smart camera has been designed to be weather resistant, shockproof, and waterproof.

Merkury innovations 1080p smart camera
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Average Video Quality

As far as technology advances, the Merkury Camera isn’t too difficult compared with other cameras for around $40 camera. Resolution works well with a 115º field of view.

With the Merkury Innovations Smart outdoor camera, you can stream or record footage from your home using HD video and motion sensors, for your peace of mind. The camera’s night vision feature allows it to be monitored 24/7. It’s easy to connect to your home’s wireless network. HD night vision makes it possible to see all light and dark activity as if it were a day.

  • 24/7 security
  • High-sensitivity motion detection technology
  • IP66 Weatherproofing
  • 24/7 live streaming with remote access
  • 128GB of local storage
  • 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
  • Screw locations are somewhat occluded by the camera

Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

Best Smart Home Options

You can always be aware of what is happening with the built-in high-sensitivity motion detection technology which allows you to receive notifications on your phone when movement is detected. There are three cameras that are built to weather the weather outside.

Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review


It’s possible to record and capture activity at your property when it’s raining or shining. You can capture clear live streaming with remote access, or record and store data with a built-in SD slot that supports up to 128GB of local storage, with a surveillance camera indoor monitor.

You can live stream the footage from your computer. You don’t need a hub if you connect your security camera to your home’s Wi-Fi system and use your phone to view content from across the room or across the country.

Weak Recording Storage

The Main weakness of the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera is that it has not offered cloud storage. Instead, you can have the option to take screenshots and download short clips from live video feeds. If you have more video storage needs, then you must have a micro SD card.

Merkury camera setup and installation

Murkury connects to your home Wi-Fi network, so you can handle it from your smartphone by using the Geeni app (Geeni is a sibling brand to Merkury Innovations).

Merkury Smart Camera app

The Geeni app has an easy-to-use layout that’s simple to use for live viewing your camera feed, watching stored footage, or talking with people using the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera’s two-way audio.

Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

Customer Service and Support

On the surface, Merkury Innovations did not offer a ton in terms of customer service. The manual lists a phone number, and the main website has an email form for getting assistance, but you have to find deeper for additional support options.

Overall, Merkury Innovations camera customer service is not as seamless as interacting with  Arlo, Wyze, and Ring but it is still very impressive and helpful.


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Final word

We were skeptical when we started researching the Merkury Smart WiFi Camera for this review, but we were pleasantly surprised by this nifty little camera.

It has not outstanding camera like Wyze, Merkury’s biggest strength is available affordable smart home devices. Learn more about our guide to cheap security cameras for our top picks to watch over your home on a budget.

FAQs about Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera Review

1. What is the Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera?

The Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera is a budget-friendly home monitoring device that offers basic surveillance capabilities. It provides 1080p video resolution and can be accessed and controlled through a mobile app.

2. How does the video quality of the camera compare to higher-end models?

While the camera’s 1080p resolution offers satisfactory video quality, it may not match the clarity and detail provided by more expensive models. It is designed to capture essential details within its field of view.

3. How easy is it to set up the Merkury Innovations Smart Camera?

Setting up the Merkury Innovations Smart Camera is relatively straightforward. The accompanying app guides users through the setup process, making it accessible even for individuals who are new to smart devices.

4. What is the camera’s field of view like?

The camera’s field of view provides decent coverage, suitable for smaller spaces or specific areas. It may not offer a broad view like some higher-end models, but it effectively monitors the intended area.

5. What smart features does the camera offer?

The camera offers basic smart features such as remote monitoring through a mobile app. It has motion detection capabilities that send alerts when movement is detected in the monitored area. However, it may lack advanced functionalities like facial recognition.

6. How well does the night vision function?

The camera’s night vision capability allows for surveillance in low-light conditions. While the quality may not be as high as more expensive models, it provides sufficient visibility for basic nighttime monitoring.

7. Is the Merkury Innovations 1080p Smart Camera a good value for money?

Yes, the camera stands out for its affordability, making it a suitable choice for those on a budget or looking for an entry-level smart home surveillance solution.

8. Can the camera be used in larger spaces?

The camera’s field of view is better suited for smaller spaces or specific areas within a room. For larger spaces, you may need multiple cameras to adequately cover the area.

9. Does the camera require a subscription for access to its features?

The specific features and access may vary, but the basic functionality of the camera, such as live viewing and motion alerts, typically do not require a subscription. Some advanced features or cloud storage options may be available through subscription plans.

10. Can the camera be integrated with other smart home devices?

The camera’s compatibility with other smart home devices may vary. It’s recommended to check the manufacturer’s information or user manual to determine if it can be integrated with your existing smart home ecosystem.


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