Blurams Camera Review

This Blurams Smart Home Camera is a great little camera for those who want to get creative with their photography. It comes with two cameras, can be controlled with zone control, and includes some great features such as night vision, pan and tilt support, and time-lapse mode. Overall, it’s a great option for those who are looking for something that can help them capture the perfect shot every time.

Here we review the best 4 Blurams cameras for you and I try my best brief you on each camera.

The first one is really the best blurams camera and most people like it and keeps safe this is amazon’s best-selling product.

1. Security Camera 2K, Blurams Baby Monitor Dog Camera 360-degree for Home Security

Blurams Indoor Security Camera

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Blurams Camera Review
Blurams Camera Review

The Blurams Indoor Security Camera is a great addition to your home for baby monitoring and dog monitoring. It can be used to track the activity and movement of two people in the house, as well as an AI-controlled dog. The phone app allows you to control notifications, like walks and sex, while the IR night vision helps you see what’s happening from a long distance up close. The Siren ensures safe entertainment for both your family and pet. Overall, this system is perfect for any home security needs!

Blurams Indoor Security Camera Features

  • 360°Coverage with 2K resolution – blend security camera automatically tracks the motion if detects motion. Enjoy a secure video and photo experience with 360°Coverage with 2K resolution. IR-CUT functions to capture crisp videos and photos from the day to night, even in dim conditions.
  • With smart AI detection & instant alerts, you’ll get instant alerts on your phone if human, motion, or unusual sound is detected in your house. recordings will be saved for 10-15 seconds and will be sent to the cloud for 10 hours (no monthly fees required).
  • Use your simple voice command to see the live stream of a baby monitor on Alexa or Google Assistant. This is a great way to keep your home relaxing and keep your children safe.
  • Optional Cloud & Local Storage – 24/7 CVR is the perfect way to keep a nonstop recording in the cloud and avoid the risk of losing video footage from an SD card. According to the time, events type, or the camera names, it can be used to quickly find the specific eventAmazom Offer Best Deal (low price)

2.Blurams Dome Pro Camera Review: Budget And Useful

  • The Dome Pro is a high-quality 1080p security camera that offers all the features you need to keep your home safe. The camera has a secure voice and video chat with Alexa, plus getting alerted to the presence of other users will make it easy to keep yourself and your family safe. The Facial Recognition feature sees us included in many reports as people who have had dealings with them in some way, including births, marriages, or deaths. We hope that this no-nonsense Scribleroid design will make you see why we’re always keeping an eye on our site!
    Blurams Camera Review
    Blurams Camera Review

  • 360° Coverage – 1070P FHD, 122°wide angle lens with automatic night vision, 355°horizontal and 105% vertical rotation range create a complete 360°coverage. Automatic night vision provides clear videos even in dim conditions. Choose Auto-Cruise mode to 360 cruise your favorite bookmarks, suitable for large areas that need a quick scan.
  • The AI facial recognition service can automatically identify and record a video of a human, pet, or another moving object. You don’t need to worry about monthly fees or reaching your daily Revisions goal.
  • The Auto-Masking mode ensures that only notifications from the areas you want are given to you. This also helps in avoiding being recorded without your permission.
  • With 4 camera view, you can share your camera with family and friends while keeping track of what is happening in real-time. Share your camera with family members to keep tracking what happens no matter when and where you are so that you will not miss anything. Works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (does not support 5GHz Wi-Fi).
  • Blurams Cloud provides a continuous recording in the cloud to monitor your house for 24 hours and relies on AWS to protect your data, ensuring all recorded video is safe, and secure. More smart AI features rich notification, siren, intelligent motion tracking, auto-cruise, camera sharing, and more. Local backup supports up to 128GB Class10 micro SD cards with FAT32 format.

3. Blurams 1080p Dome Security Camera Review

Blurams Camera Review
Blurams Camera Review

The blurams Dome Security Camera is a high-quality Roberts Valley dome security camera with a PTZ surveillance system and smart AI alerts for privacy and night vision. It can also be used with Alexa, making it a perfect camera for home safety. The blurams Dome Security Camera can be controlled from anywhere in the house, making it the perfect home security camera. Plus, its Pentium software gives you full control over your video and audio signals without having to worry about coding or between cameras.

  • 360° Coverage Monitoring – 118° FOV, 355° horizontal range, and 90° vertical range provide clarity and 360° coverage. The 2-way audio allows you to talk with the family or send voice commands to your dog.
  • Get notified on your smartphone when an indoor camera detects motion and sounds, such as a baby crying, smoke alarming, or glass breaking. Select a specific activity zone or turn on auto-cruise mode to scan the area you want to view.
  • Multi-Camera Viewing is a way to remotely monitor different places with your family or friends. It allows sharing your camera with family members and live stream your cats, kids, or something you want to view to your phone anytime and anywhere.
  • Cloud is the future of media-Blurams snowman comes with a one-month free cloud trial service with rolling 7-day storage on the cloud to avoid the footage loss from the local storage. Quick searching the event on the cloud according to the camera model, time, or alert type, sharing footage, or editing your favorite files is easy on the cloud. Local storage supports up to 128G SD cards.
  • Use your simple voice command to view blurams security cams live stream on Alexa or Google Assistant device with a screen or on your iPhone or iPad. Works with IFTTT lets you link just about any set of smart devices so they can work together, and make your home more relaxing.

4. Blurams Dome Lite 2 Review

Blurams Dome Lite 2 Review

Feeling safer at home? Keep an eye on your property from anywhere in the world with our Security Camera Indoor 2K. Capable of capturing stunning 360° footage, the camera tracks and records sound and person detection to keep you informed of what’s going on. With smart integration, you can control the camera from any device with a web browser- even your smartphone! with help of  IFTTT, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, HomeKit. If you’re looking for an affordable way to beef up your security, this is the perfect solution for you. Stay safe and sound with Security Camera Indoor 2K today!

Blurams Dome Lite 2 Review
Blurams Dome Lite 2 Review

Keep your home or office safe and secure with the blurams 1080p dome security camera! This camera has a wide 118° field of view that captures everything in its range, while smart motion and sound detection ensures you never have to worry about leaving your security unguarded. With up to two-way audio and smart AI features, you can be sure that you will always be kept up-to-date on what is happening in your area. Stay safe and sound with blurams today!

Do you want to keep an eye on your property 24/7?

Fret no more, because blurams has got your covered! With our 1080p dome security camera, you’ll be able to surveil your place in high definition with ease. Not only is the camera resolution top-notch, but it also comes with a wide 118° FOV for a comprehensive view of your surroundings. Additionally, the smart motion and sound detection ensures that you’ll be notified immediately of any activity that takes place on or around your property. Whether you’re at home or out of the house, you can rest assured knowing that blurams has you covered.


How do I set up the camera?

Our camera system requires no batteries, but you will need to attach them to the camera first. Once installed, your cameras can take pictures with ease thanks to our clear lens and clarity of the image. You can also control settings through our daily email updates or question answering service.

Is Blurams app free?

You can have a two-way conversation with your friends and family members through the app’s voice call feature, or share your active video feed with others by logging into the App and pressing the “Two-way Conversation” button. The app also offers audio calls, which can be made from anywhere in the world. 2、You can record multiple videos for future viewing purposes. 3、The app provides instructions on how to make dual use of its camera—you only need to take one picture at a time and you can post it online without any fear of being sent back to the app.

How do I connect my Blurams camera to


The device needs to be connected to a network so that it can connect to the internet, and it must have a 2.4G network. The indicator light should change to a blinking red light when the device is connected, and after about 5 minutes of usage, you will hear a beep from the device. If the button for reset is pushed, the machine will ask if he wants to “reduce stress”. If you select “No,” this machine will Credit any future ergonomic challenges by reducing stress even further.

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