Ring Indoor Cam As Baby Monitor
Ring Indoor Cam As Baby Monitor

Ring indoor cam as baby monitor: Ring cameras, like other security cameras, can be used as a baby monitors.

Take (if you can) this security camera with an offer on Amazon

The home automation market is something that we can already find in many houses. From smart lights, vacuum cleaners, speakers with an assistant and a long etcetera. Among many others, a very interesting function of these products is to let us know if an intruder has entered our home remotely thanks to a security camera. So, if you want to get one of these, if you’re lucky, you can take advantage of the great discount that the Ring Indoor Cam has on Amazon .

Ring Indoor Cam: 24/7 mobile surveillance

The Ring manufacturer is one of the best known in terms of IoT products for our home. Within its catalog we can find a wide variety of items such as doorbells, control systems for telephones and various types of security cameras for both indoors and outdoors.

Specifically, the model we want to talk to you about in this article is the Ring Indoor Cam . This is perfect to place it in any room in our house and to allow us to see what is happening at all times from our smartphone.

A very compact camera capable of capturing video in HD quality and is powered by cable at all times. We can buy it in white or, if we prefer, in black so that it is better camouflaged where we want to place it.

As for its capabilities, a basin with motion detection so that, in case of “seeing” something strange, it automatically sends us a notification to the phone through the ring app. Its viewing angle is 140º, it has night vision, two-way audio and its installation is extremely simple.

Of course, like other products from this same manufacturer, this security camera will be compatible with Alexa. Therefore, it will be integrated with the functions of the assistant to, for example, be able to reproduce what the camera is seeing through an Amazon Echo Show or with an Amazon Fire TV from the television.

You are one of the chosen ones? Take advantage of the discount


All of the above being said, now that you know everything important about this security camera, take advantage of the offer… if you can. Amazon has activated a discount for certain accounts selected by themselves, giving them a 59% discount . That is, we could take the Ring Indoor Cam to our house for only $60

How can we know if we are one of the chosen ones? Well, you just need to add it to your cart and take it to the last step before “confirm your purchase” . Here you will see a box to apply promotional codes. Write the ALEXA CAM code here and, if you have been one of the lucky ones, it will be applied successfully.

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