Samsung Wisenet Camera Review

To test the Wisenet cameras, we review them to see if they can hold up to the competition.

when it comes to quality, Samsung Wisenet Cameras are actually pretty good. They have a resolution of 1/3 inch and they can record in 720p HD. However, there is one downside that we noticed while testing them: their battery life doesn’t seem too great. It takes about two hours for the camera to charge up and another hour or so for it to be usable again after being discharged.

The SmartCam is a great camera that captures wonderful video, but it’s not our first choice. We especially like the Wisenet BabyView Eco for its playful design and soothing sounds-all of which make it an enjoyable experience to use. The competitive pricing also makes this camera a good value.

If you buy a refurbished Samsung Wisenet Camera, make sure to test it before using it. Once you have tested the camera and don’t have any problems with it, return it to our store for a full refund.

Samsung Wisenet Camera Reviews

SNH-C6417BN – Samsung Wisenet SmartCam 1080p Full HD Wi-Fi Camera

(Best Overall)

Samsung Wisenet Camera Review
Samsung Wisenet Camera Review

The Samsung Wisenet SmartCam is the best Wi-Fi camera you can buy. It’s affordable, has crisp 1080p video quality, and employs sound and motion detection as triggers for capturing videos. Plus, it doesn’t rely solely on motion since sound detection/activation of the camera can occur more often. You can record video in the cloud or insert a microSD card to save local recordings ( Plans start at $4.99 per month). even with local recording, you’ll still want to connect this camera to your Wi-Fi network for free using the free app!

The wide dynamic range of the camera makes it easier to capture video with inconsistent lighting in a room. This is great for capturing video with the lights on, in natural daylight, and in complete darkness (using night vision LEDs).

There is not a lot that makes this SmartCam stand out from other brands. Its price is reasonable for what you get, and it has most of the features common to smart home cameras. However, its advanced technology is not as advanced as some of the better-priced options or Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor† (though that costs much more). On the cheaper end of the spectrum, we prefer the Wyze Cam Pan because it has essentially the same tech inside (plus mechanical panning) for a lower price. All these competitors have excellent smart home capabilities while this Wisenet wireless camera does not.


Wide range of fields of view

Affordable price
Local and cloud video storage is available
Motion and sound detection
No smart home support
Samsung Wisenet Camera Review
Samsung Wisenet Camera Review

The Wisenet BabyView Eco is a color camera that can be attached to the wall or crib with a flexible wire stand. This camera is easy to use and has a sweet design that looks like it belongs in a nursery or child’s playroom. The bright orange stand makes installing the baby monitor a breeze.

The Bayview Eco is a wireless baby monitor that you can use with your computer. The screen is dedicated to the baby, which makes it easy for you to see what’s going on over there! We like that this monitor doesn’t require a phone app, making it easier for you to have uninterrupted access to video and information while away from home.

With the parent unit, you can talk to your baby, check to see if the nursery is too warm using a built-in thermometer, or play lullabies and white noise to help your baby sleep.

Baby monitors are not as good at being security cameras as security cameras. This is especially true for the lesser quality video quality, narrow field of view, and lack of mobile app controls in most baby monitors.

Cute, playful design
Easy setup
Comes with a screen for parents
Built-in lullabies and white noise
Narrow field of view
Not for general security
No mobile app or video storage

Wisenet SDH-B84045BF 8 Channel Super HD DVR Video Security System

(Best CCTV System)

Samsung Wisenet Camera Review
Samsung Wisenet Camera Review

The Samsung Wisenet All-in-One is a great option if you want to watch your weatherproof bullet camera footage like a security guard in a heist movie. The camera records at various resolutions and framerates, which means you can make the most of the spacious 1TB hard drive in the DVR. You can view the camera feed on your smartphone, but don’t expect two-way talk like with some other cameras out there!

With a night vision range of up to 82 feet, the camera can see well beyond your property. You can place it either indoors or outdoors, though an outdoor installation is more difficult because you’ll need to run cables inside to the DVR.

There are several drawbacks to the All-in-One camera system. For one, it requires wired cameras, which can be a bit of a hassle if you want to hide them every time you move or change locations. Additionally, each camera comes with its own 60-foot cable, making it easier for you to place them where you want them without having to mess with tangled wires!

The Samsung Wisenet All-in-One (WIS 8500) is a four-camera CCTV system that costs around $250. This system is average for a four-camera CCTV system, but similar to systems from Swann (Alexa and Google compatibility) and Foscam (Wi-Fi cameras.

Comes with four cameras
1TB of local video storage
Works indoors and outdoors
82-foot night vision range
Complicated setup
Wired cameras
Lacks two-way talk


Overall, Wisenet security cameras don’t quite measure up to more popular brands like Nest, Arlo, Ring, and Wyze. There is not a lot that sets them apart from the competition on the baby monitor front. What makes them stand out though is their flexible stand and soothing sounds.

We don’t think you’ll find better home security cameras by looking elsewhere. The Samsung Wisenet SmartCam is a good option that’s not too expensive, especially if you buy a renewed one on Amazon for less than half of the new price. However, we think you should look elsewhere when choosing a security camera because some of the best options are available from other brands.

In this Wisenet review, we researched around 10 models to start with and then narrowed down our choices to the three we felt best represented the Wisenet brand as a whole. While we didn’t test these cameras in-house, we compared the tech specs with our experiences testing other security cameras. We also used online customer reviews to inform our top picks.


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