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 The Ultramax series is a heavy-duty class security lock developed by Kwikset, which boasts the top share of locksets for public housing in the United States.

Not only strength and durability, and excellent design are significant features.

Smart key cylinder

Smart Home Security Products

Kwikset handleset Parts like Smart key cylinder is a cylinder lock with a completely new structure with highly high lock picking resistance and lock bumping resistance.

As an even bigger feature, it also has a “rekey ring function” that allows you to change the cylinder pin by yourself in just a few seconds.

This epoch-making function allows you to easily re-register the cylinder from the door.

Kwikset signature keyed products (external handle set, deadlock, keyed lever knob) come standard. Also, read–> 6 Best Smart Locks with Fingerprint- Do Your Home More Secure

Kwikset Handle Smart Key Cylinder

Display of security performance

Display of security performance of designated building locks
Display items for crime prevention performance Time Explanation of security performance display
Picking resistance 10 minutes or more Performance to prevent unlocking due to picking (a method of inserting a special tool into the key hole of the cylinder and operating the key)
Key hole breaking performance Less than 5 minutes Performance to prevent unlocking by destroying the cylinder itself with a tool etc. and operating the mechanism inside the lock
Number of pieces at the time of shipment 2 Number of “keys” shipped by the lock manufacturer as a set with a cylinder lock or cylinder

Precautions for handling cylinders

(1) Be careful not to scratch the surface of the cylinder with metal accessories. The scratched area may discolor or corrode.

(2) Wipe the cylinder with a soft cloth from time to time, or if it is extremely dirty, wipe it with water (be sure to use a cloth that has been wrung out tightly). Leaving it with dirt on it may cause discoloration and corrosion. Also, do not clean with acid, alkali, or chlorine, or splash water directly on the cylinder. 

Precautions for key handling

(1) To improve picking resistance, the key and the inside of the cylinder are finished with great precision. Even a slight deformation of the key may interfere with the opening and closing of the lock, so please be careful about the following items when handling.

 Please carry the key so that the uneven part or the tip of the key does not come into direct contact with metal protrusions. Especially when you put it in a key chain or put it directly in your clothes pocket, please be careful not to touch, Coins or other metals.

  •  Never use the key for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
  •  Please do not drop the key.
  •  Do not insert into other cylinders (automobiles, etc.).

(2) When inserting or removing the key, ensure that the key is in the vertical orientation (vertical). Forcibly pulling it out may cause a malfunction.

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Kwikset 3014-01 3 CP Security 5-Inch Entry Door Latch, Polished Brass

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Smart Home Security Products

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