How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside? Keep Safe Your Bedroom

There are several types of bedroom door locks available in the market but most of the time people choose the standard type of door lock. In case you want to make it unique you need to choose something different, in this blog, I will tell you the steps to lock your bedroom door from the outside.

Ways To Lock A Bedroom Door From Outside

  • Using a locking latch
  • Installing a keypad lock
  • Use anything you can to barricade the door
  • Using a padlock
  • Using a deadbolt lock
  • Using a doorknob lock-out device
  • Replacing an old door handle with a keyed one


How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside?

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Adopt the Following Steps to Lock the Bedroom Door From the Outside:

You need to put a glass in front of your bedroom door and then put a key in it.

Put a rubber band around the key and then put it on the top of the door.

Now, tie a knot in the rubber band.

After that, you need to cover the key with a piece of paper.

Now, place the paper on the top of the door and then wrap it with another rubber band.

Finally, cover the key with tape.

The key to the bedroom door is the most vulnerable thing in the house. It can be easily stolen or damaged. Therefore, it is the first thing that should be protected and secured. With the help of the above-mentioned steps, you can easily protect your key and save yourself from any kind of problems.

Bedroom Door Lock from Outside Without Drilling

I am aware that you want a way to lock a bedroom door from the outside without drilling. There are 3 options that you could consider.

  1. Use a portable door lock: This is a small device that can be easily attached to the door and provides an additional lock. It can be removed easily without leaving any damage. However, this option may not work for all types of doors and may not be as secure as a permanent lock.
  2. Use a door wedge: A door wedge can be placed under the door to prevent it from opening. This option is easy and inexpensive, but it does not provide a secure lock.
  3. Use a doorknob cover: A doorknob cover is a plastic or metal cover that fits over the doorknob and prevents it from being turned. This option is easy to install and remove without leaving any damage. However, it may not be as secure as a permanent lock.

It’s important to note that locking someone in a room against their will could be dangerous and potentially illegal. Before using any of these options, make sure you have a valid reason and obtain consent from all parties involved.

How To Keep Your Bedroom A Place Where You Can Feel Peace And Relax

The bedroom is the most private place in your home. It’s where you go when you want to relax and unwind. It’s a place where you can feel safe and secure. It’s also a place where you can let go and focus on yourself.  A bedroom is also a place where you can get some much-needed sleep.

With the growing popularity of smart locks for bedrooms, there is a huge demand for them. Most of the smart locks are in the market and are being sold at a very low price. I have been very vocal about the fact that I believe that home security is important.

How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside?

 How to Prevent Child From Opening Locked Door

When it comes to securing your home, you can’t be too careful. You’ll need to make sure that you’re locking up every entrance to your house and that you’re putting up smart locks that will help keep out unwanted visitors. One of the most important things that you can do to make sure that your home is safe is to install a smart lock.

This will help prevent children from opening doors and windows that they shouldn’t be able to access. However, if you’re looking for an even smarter way to secure your home, then you’ll want to check out the smart lock from August.

How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside?

Mistakes You Should Never Make When It Comes To Your Bedroom Safety

We have come to a point when it is very difficult to protect your home and your family. But as a parent, it is important that you make sure that your children are safe in your house. There are a lot of things that can be harmful to children and you don’t want to see your kid in the hospital because of your negligence.Mistakes You Should Never Make When It Comes To Your Bedroom Safety

Safety is not something that you will find easily, but if you start thinking about it, then you will definitely find that it is not that hard to stay safe in your home.

How to Protect Your Bedroom Safely

Here are some of the most common mistakes that people make in their homes.

Not installing a child-proof lock

There is nothing more dangerous than leaving your kids inside your home. Even adults may have their own ways of escaping from danger, but a child has no other option than to cry for help.

So, if you have not installed a child-proof lock, then it is time that you start installing one. The best way to prevent this mistake is to install a deadbolt lock and keep a spare key inside a safe.

Not putting a gate in front of the backdoor

If your child is big enough, then you can keep him/her outside of your home. If you don’t have a large enough backyard, then you can install a small gate in front of the backdoor.

Not putting a gate in front of the backdoor

Even the children know how to open the gates, but they can’t open the gate without the help of an adult. So, if you have a gate, then you can keep it closed whenever you are away.

Using a cordless phone

You might be thinking that using a cordless phone will save you from fire, but you don’t know that these phones are the most dangerous for your kids. These phones contain high voltages which can kill your kids in seconds.

So, you should avoid using cordless phones.

Lack of a smoke detector

If you want to keep your house safe from fire, then you need to install a smoke detector in your house. These detectors are designed to alert you whenever there is a fire. They will also give you a chance to escape from the fire.


So, these are the most common mistakes that parents make in their homes. If you are planning to buy a new house or if you have bought one, then it is the right time you start protecting your house.

How To Lock Bedroom Door From Outside? The Main Pros and Cons


  1. Peace of Mind: Taking steps to protect your bedroom can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that you have done everything possible to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.
  2. Better Sleep: When you feel secure in your bedroom, you’re more likely to sleep better, which can improve your overall health and well-being.
  3. Protection from Intruders: By taking the necessary precautions, you can protect your bedroom from intruders, preventing theft and ensuring your safety.
  4. Protection from Natural Disasters: By taking steps such as securing windows and doors, you can protect your bedroom from damage caused by natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.
  5. Improved Home Security: By protecting your bedroom, you can also improve your overall home security, making it less likely that your entire home will be targeted by intruders.


  1. Cost: Depending on the measures you take, protecting your bedroom can be expensive, particularly if you invest in high-tech security systems.
  2. Time-Consuming: It can take time to properly secure your bedroom, particularly if you need to install security features such as alarms and cameras.
  3. False Sense of Security: While taking steps to protect your bedroom can be helpful, it’s important to remember that no security system is foolproof, and there’s always a chance that someone could still break in.
  4. Inconvenience: Some security measures, such as installing bars on windows, can be inconvenient and make it difficult to access your bedroom in case of an emergency.
  5. Potential for Accidents: Some security measures, such as installing a home security system, can potentially cause accidents or malfunctions, which can be dangerous.

Author Verdict

In conclusion, it’s a good idea to have a smart lock installed on your Bedroom door. This is because it can be controlled remotely by your smartphone, which means that you don’t need to worry about losing keys or forgetting to lock the door when you leave.

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