Google Nest Camera Battery Life

Google Nest Camera Battery Life: Because every detail matters, every Nest Cam product is manufactured in the USA with advanced technologies, including Nest Aware, to help you stay informed about new features and products. If you are a current customer who already owns one of our cameras, Nest Aware helps give you peace of mind by recording 24/7, so all of your footage is covered.

Tap the Charging icon under Device Settings to see your battery level. It’s also easy to check the remaining battery life from the Nest app on your phone. Battery life will depend on activity, temperature, and selected camera settings. Save battery for Nest cameras and doorbells

Google Nest Cam and Nest Doorbell batteries contain built-in, rechargeable batteries prepared for long-lasting battery life. But the battery life you obtain depends on several things, like how much activity is recorded and your settings in the application.

We tested the Nest Cam Battery, and this is what we found.

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How long does the google nest camera battery last?

The Google Nest Cam Battery is the latest-generation indoor security camera that plugs in and stays plugged in but works independently.

The new Nest Cam:

The Nest Cam Battery is an outdoor security camera with a rechargeable battery, night vision, and 720p video – but you’ll have to pay extra for those features.

Nest camera sends you alerts if it detects people, motion, or sounds. Watch over your home in 1080p HD day and night, indoors and out. Your home on your phone. Get alerts if something happens. And talk back to get someone’s attention The three-hour snapshot history lets you review what happened recently, With a 24/7 live video, you can check in anytime to see who’s there.

Nest Cam (Outdoor or Indoor, Battery)

Google Nest Camera Outdoor Battery Life


Google Nest Camera Battery Life
Google Nest Camera Battery Life

Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera with a built-in speaker, mic, and siren helps you to stop crime before it happens. With 24/7 live streaming, a versatile magnetic stand that lets you look after your home in 1080p HD, person alerts with Nest Aware (sold separately), and nest cam outdoor has one year of included Google One benefits. Its weatherproof design and powerful night vision help keep your home safe 24/7.

Google Nest Camera Battery Life
Google Nest Camera Battery Life

Don’t worry that your Nest Cam can’t power itself. Just set it up with a continuous power cord, so the camera is always recording. The Nest app will tell you when you need to plug in the power cord.

Google Nest Camera Indoor Battery Life

The new Nest Cam battery is an indoor, cord-free HD home security camera that lets you see and speak to visitors at your front door from anywhere in the world. But it’s also more than that. This new Nest Cam has all the features of the newly announced Nest Cam IQ: Person and place detection, Night Vision and HDR for better low light visibility, 1080p video resolution with enhanced image quality, as well as zoom, 10x digital zoom and views your live video in crisp 4K. Like other Nest products, the new Nest Cam battery will save footage if something moves in front of it so you can review it later.

level of activities the month of battery life recorded event per day
Busy 1.5 20-25
Typical 3 9-12
Quiet 7 2-4

We’ve reviewed Nest Indoor Cam and Nest Hello before, so we weren’t expecting too much from the Battery Cam, but it still impressed us. Our first Roadblock was to see how well the indoor camera would perform since the bigger nest cam had weak night vision, but we were delighted to see that both Nest Camera Battery 3rd Gen and 2nd Gen product worked equally well.

Google Nest Camera Battery Life
Google Nest Camera Battery Life

Never miss a moment with Google Nest Aware. Split-second alerts are sent straight to your phone or email, and with Nest Aware, you can find what you’re looking for in moments. With a Nest Aware subscription, it’s even easier to find that mysterious clip from today or last week.

Google Nest Camera Battery Low

When the battery on your camera is low, you will get a notification and can decide whether or not you need to charge it that day. Nest recommends turning off the camera if Wi-Fi is slow. If the camera cannot connect to your Wi-Fi network and cannot reach the cloud, it will keep recording locally until it can reconnect to Wi-Fi or the power is disconnected. Its night vision works 24 hours a day, and two-way audio is available for live talk-back features.

Don’t think of it as a serious security camera, but rather as a fun way to learn more about your surroundings—especially how interested your dog is in all the action. When your camera is charged and ready to use, you will probably want to find a nice spot outdoors where it can pick up what’s happening near it.

What happens when your battery dies? You’ll still be able to see things from the past 24 hours in the Nest App, but you won’t be able to record any footage. However, this shouldn’t happen for a very long time.

How long does it take to charge a google nest camera?

Estimated battery life for Nest Cam or Nest Cam Outdoor will show you the estimated battery life in the app about 48 hours after your camera or doorbell is charged for the first time. After that, the battery life estimate will adapt to conditions over time to improve accuracy. This estimate may be lower or higher than the actual battery life.

Google Nest Camera Battery Life
Google Nest Camera Battery Life

Battery life is estimated based on the temperature your Nest Cam (battery), or Nest Doorbell (battery) will experience during use in normal conditions. Like a car’s fuel gauge, your camera or doorbell’s battery health display shows you how much power you have left to help you plan your day.


The Nest Cam is a no-brainer for anyone hoping to keep their home or business safe. It works as advertised, with all the features you would expect from a top-of-the-line security camera. I’d highly recommend getting at least one for your home or business.

In the meantime, we will continue to enjoy and trust Nest products knowing that behind their design and production, a company is committed to great products and building an innovative, forward-thinking company that prioritizes true customer satisfaction.

Most Frequent Ask Questions

How long does the battery last on an outdoor nest camera?

Answer: 1.5 to seven months

The disadvantage of wireless cameras is battery life, but the Nest Cam Battery works for a while before you need to recharge it. You can expect your battery to last for 1.5 to seven months, depending on the activity level.

Does Nest have an outdoor battery camera?

Indoors or outdoors, rain or shine. The battery-powered Nest Cam works anywhere you need it, from the living room to the backyard.

Is Nest Cam IQ outdoor battery-powered?

It is a battery-operated camera, but you can buy a $35 weatherproof power cable to go with it if you would rather opt for a wired outdoor installation. The Nest Cam outdoor comes with a charging cord and wall plate for mounting.

Does Nest make a battery-operated camera?

You can put Nest Cam almost anywhere you want, outside or in. And since it is battery-powered, you do not need to install it near an outlet.

How long do Nest batteries last?

Google Nest tells the Nest Camera battery will last about 2.5 months between charges in most situations. This depends on how much busy of a front door you have. Google estimates the Nest Doorbell will last between 1 month and six months, depending on how busy your front door is.

Are Nest Cam batteries worth it?

Having waited so long for a new Nest camera, it’s hard not to be disappointed with the Nest Cam (Battery). It is good to have smart alerts and activity zones – plus three hours of event storage – but those are features you’d expect from an expensive security camera.

Are Nest batteries rechargeable?

The Nest Doorbell (battery) has an internal rechargeable battery so that it can work without being wired to a doorbell system. You can also choose to connect it to your current doorbell’s wires. In this case, it will use the cables to charge the battery and have backup power if the electricity goes out.

Do nests have batteries?

The Nest Thermostat receives power from your HVAC system. It also uses 2 AAA alkaline batteries as a backup or supplement if your system can’t deliver enough power.

Suppose you have a Nest Cam (battery). In that case, it will automatically adjust its settings and features when it has about seven days of battery life left (or about 20% of its remaining battery life). Here’s what you can expect: The video quality is optimized to help improve the battery life.

Do Nest batteries need to be replaced?

When you button press the center button, Protect will say, “Nest Protect battery is low. Replace it soon.” You will also get notifications in the app. Note: If there is a power outage and your wired Protect reverts to battery power, your Protect’s small green power light will turn off.

How do I check my Nest battery?

Bring up the Quick View menu area Settings Technical Info Power to check the battery level. Look for the number labeled battery. If it is 3.8V or higher, your thermostat is not disconnected because of a low battery. If it’s below 3.6V, there might be a power issue causing your thermostat to disconnect.

How do I know if my Nest battery is low?

Bring up the Quick View menu > Settings cog > Technical Info > Power to check the battery level. Look for the number labeled battery. If it is 3.8V or higher, your thermostat is not disconnected because of a low battery. If it is below 3.6V, there might be a power issue that’s causing your thermostat to disconnect.


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