Google Nest Camera Indoor Review- The No 1 Choice For Home Security

We have tried the Nest Home camera and we’re impressed with its image quality, audio quality, and customizable notifications. However, the Nest Home app is an absolute pain to use and the monthly fee is about as much as two cups of coffee.

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

Google Nest Cam Indoor – 1st Generation – Wired Indoor Camera

 If you do not mind paying for an arm and a leg for a monthly subscription, this indoor camera is an excellent option. However, if you don’t already have a Nest Home camera and want a good-looking indoor camera, you may want to look elsewhere.

Bottom Line

Google Nest Cam Indoor provides us with 1080p HD video, two-way audio, and infrared night vision, all features we consider essential. We got Nest Aware, 30 days of cloud storage plus person detection, making for notifications that mattered more.

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The Nest Cam Indoor is currently priced at $199. For users on a budget, it is certainly not the cheapest camera globally, but it is a good price considering the features. Let’s get started with the Google Nest indoor camera review now.

  • Works with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Philips Hue lightbulbs
  • Person detections are available with Nest Aware subscription
  • 1080p HD videos, infrared night vision, and two-way audio are available
Google Nest Cam Indoor Features
Field of visions 130°
Resolutions 1080p
Zoom 8x
Two-way audios Yes
24/7 recordings Yes

Google Nest Camera Indoor ReviewObject and Facial Recognition is Superb

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

The Google Nest camera has excellent indoor object and faces recognition. The camera relies on machine learning to identify different things and movements. The recognition and analysis process is fast and accurate because the camera doesn’t upload data to the cloud. In addition, it’s safe to use because it doesn’t transmit the video to third parties, preventing false alarms. The camera’s video recording quality is decent, too.

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

The indoor camera features three different recording settings, 360-degree, 720-degree, and 1080 HD. The 130-degree wide-angle view and enhanced night vision provide superb video quality. The camera works great both in bright and low-lit environments, and the video quality is just as clear. The app also lets you set geofencing and set rules. There are various video recording options, including motion detection and audio.

Place it almost anywhere

Object and Facial Recognition isn’t Acceptable

If you’re considering a Google Nest camera, the indoor version is a solid choice. The Nest Cam’s facial and object recognition are very good, and it responds well to user movements. The subscription service for Nest Aware is decent, but if you have multiple cameras, you’ll save a lot of money by using local storage instead of the cloud.

While a subscription service is a great way to store recorded video, there are plenty of cheaper rivals that do the same thing.
For the smart functionality of the Nest Cam, you need to subscribe to the Nest Aware service, which costs about PS4 per month. But you get seven days of video and alerts, as well as other useful bits. You can use the facial recognition feature to recognize faces. If you don’t want to pay for it, you can opt for a bare-bones camera.

The Video Quality is Fine

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

The video quality of the Google Nest Cam indoor is pretty decent. It does not record in 4K, but it is still better than many other indoor cameras. The camera records in FullHD resolution with a 30fps frame rate and supports HDR. The lens covers a field of view of 130 degrees, which should be plenty wide enough for most indoor environments. The camera also features Night Vision, which makes it useful for monitoring a house even at night.

However, the video quality is still not as good as that of the Nest Cam Spotlight. However, it is the easiest to recommend and the least expensive of the three.
The Nest Cam Indoor offers a surprisingly good variety of features, including an alarm that allows you to see if someone is home or not. It even features a built-in Google Assistant.

The camera has a few drawbacks, though: the interface is unintuitive and the video quality is not as good as the best indoor cameras. But it does have its pros. While the video quality is fine, the Nest Cam Indoor isn’t the best indoor camera, and it’s still a decent option for homeowners who want to keep a close eye on their homes.

Alert You When Something Happens

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

Two-Way Audio is Good

Is two-way audio on Google Nest camera indoor good? The camera is equipped with a microphone and a built-in speaker. You can talk to the camera by pressing the microphone button while talking to someone close to the camera. It is not very loud but is sufficient for talking to people close to the camera. It is a good choice if you’d like to keep an eye on your home while you’re away.

The Nest Cam features infrared night vision. This means that it can operate even when there is complete darkness. You can also adjust the sound volume, which reduces false alarms. Whether you prefer to talk to someone or simply monitor the home, two-way audio is an excellent feature. It also provides clear audio. Two-way audio on Google Nest camera indoors is good for people who want to talk to someone.

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
Google Nest Camera Indoor Review

Clear as day, Even at night

How to set up a google nest camera indoors?

Google Nest Camera Indoor Review
How to set up google nest camera indoor

The Nest is extremely easy to install and set up despite the price. All you need to do is follow the onscreen prompts. Once installed, you can begin managing it via the Nest app, which comes with optional two-factor authentication and a verification code. It will also send push notifications whenever activity is detected. While the audio quality isn’t top-notch, it’s decent enough for most purposes.

Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired Review

The Nest Cam wired has an adorable design that clearly takes inspiration from the 2017 IQ lineup. This camera’s tiny frame reminds me of a Pixar lamp. In addition to its adorable appearance, it is extremely easy to install and set up. The Nest Cam is easy to hide in tight places. If you have a dog, you’ll love this tiny camera. It’s not as effective as its pricier cousins, but it’s not bad for the price.


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