Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review


Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review: The Nest’s Cam IQ Indoors is a very sleek little camera. It has a round white base with a thin stem, leading up to its shiny black camera framed in a white shape. The total camera is only a little more than five inches high, which is great because it doesn’t take up too much of my precious space.

As you can see, the Nest Camera IQ Indoor is a wonderful, smart camera. It’s easy to set up and use, which is great for people new to home security cameras like myself. My favorite feature of this camera is its crisp 1080p resolution- it makes the footage so clear and bright! And with extra features like Night Vision and Motion Tagging on the software side, I know that this little gadget will make a positive impact on my world.

Author Verdict

Nest's latest indoor camera is a complete camera system that includes a powerful 1080p HD camera, which continuously monitors your home and provides live video alerts to help you keep tabs on what's going on. Nest also integrated an internal speaker seven times as loud as the Nest Camera Indoor.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Specs

Cost   $ 299
Night visions infrared
Camera resolutions 1080p HD” 4K sensors
Field of views 130 degree
Two-way audios Yes
  • Two-way audios with speakers seven times better than the Nest Cam Indoor
  • Amazing infrared night vision from 16 LED sensors is available.
  • Person detection is included, and familiar face alerts are available through Nest Aware.


  1. Beautiful website and design
  2. Great pricing options
  3. Easy installation
  4. Two-way audio is an awesome feature if you have kids or pets.
  5. Verbal commands are cool but not necessary.
  6. Simple to operate once it’s set up
  7. It’s small and sleek, meaning it doesn’t stand out in your home.
  8. Looks like something you would want in your house—not like a security camera!
  9. The Nest Cam IQ’s next-gen intelligence is powered by Google Assistant, making it easier to stream and save an alert of importance.


    1. Expensive.
    2. Many features require Nest Aware subscription.

Improved night vision is augmented with a built-in speaker that lets you know when there’s an activity in your home, even if you’re not there to see for yourself. And because we believe home security should fit into your life, the Nest Cam IQ can check-in silently whenever you’re away, showing you key moments from the last three hours of footage through Motion Snapshots.

The next generation of home security is smart enough to care about what matters most.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is an attractive yet discreet camera. It’s perfect for keeping an eye on your home from anywhere you have internet- which includes both inside and outside the house! With a full 1080p high-definition camera and facial recognition capabilities, there’s no better way to feel secure than with the help of this excellent camera.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Night Vision

If you are looking for a smart security camera, it’s time to look at the Nest Cam IQ Indoor. This Nest Cam has increased video quality and four microphones for flawless audio capture. Its 4K sensor captures sharp video footage that allows me to zoom in without seeing any pixelation. The camera is capable of 10-day battery life (the wireless feature drops this down to four days). Plus, it has two-way audio, allowing me to easily talk with my family and make sure they are feeling safe and secure while they are away.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Audio Quality

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a sleek and simple yet powerful camera. Its white, shiny exterior and deep shell blend in wonderfully with other technological devices. Its 640 x 480 resolution and night vision capability let you easily keep an eye on your home or family, providing security both inside and out. The Nest Cam comes with a power adapter and cords, allowing you to easily plug into the wall.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a great device, perfect for keeping an eye on your home when you’re away. Its sleek, compact design adds the latest touch to any home.

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a home security camera from Google with an intergraded speaker. It comes with exceptional features such as Full Discrete Pan Tilt, Wide-angle lenses (130 degrees) in 16:9 HD quality, 940nm IR night vision, and smart sound detection. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is ideal for monitoring your front porch or backyard.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Artificial Intelligence

Place your home into a smart home with the Nest Cam IQ Indoor camera. With an 8-megapixel sensor, Exif vision, and a 130º wide-angle view, you can see and monitor your home in high definition 1080p HD with a crisp, clear perspective on everyday moments, big and small. Whether you’re keeping an eye on things from far away or providing a close-up view from another room, this HD camera makes it easy to see what you’re looking for.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Smart Platform Integration

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a 1080p wire-free, outdoor wifi camera protected by Google-certified facial recognition technology. It can detect motion and sound and sends notifications to your phone when these events happen. The camera offers high-quality video and image capture at 30f/s with a 130° field of view to check in on your home from wherever you are.

I’ve had my Nest Cam for around three months now. Overall, I like this little camera. Like the previous Nest camera I reviewed, the traffic report feature is still hard to look at, but it’s a great non-intrusive warning system for when someone comes to my door. The speaker on the camera is also a nice added feature, especially since I have no landline phone service. It’s nice to be able to talk through this camera.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Convenience

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is the first Google Nest to offer the highest quality 4K resolution. It’s equipped with a 130° field of view lens and motion Tagging, which lets the camera detect movement, so you don’t have to. With our 24/7 live streaming capabilities, enhanced Night Vision, HDR technology, and infrared night vision, you can expect nothing but crisp, clear footage.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor is nice, so it’s probably more accurate to call it a “smart home” product. Made by a company that Google bought in 2014, the Nest Cam IQ Indoor is sleek and capable of pretty impressive things. It sounds like my kind of place!

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Installations

After installing my Nest Cam IQ Indoor, I found everything it promised to be true. The crisp 1080p HD video display allowed me to view my home clearly, even when I zoomed in on objects far away. The audio was better than previous indoor cameras, though I had to get used to how loud it was at full volume! I also liked being able to verbally control my camera through Google Assistant; it worked as promised when I tried it out.

Nest Cam IQ Indoor Best Choice

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is the latest innovation from Nest, a company that’s making a name for itself in the home security industry. The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a great choice for tech-savvy people looking to take their security to the next level.
It’s clear that the Nest Cam IQ is a top-of-the-line product, and the features help it stand out from the competition. But are these features enough to justify the price tag?

Nest Cam IQ Indoor comparison

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review
Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review

A few cameras have similar features to the Nest Cam IQ, but they aren’t all in one package. The Amazon Cloud Cam has 24/7 streaming capabilities, night vision, and 1080p video. But it doesn’t have familiar face alerts or audio as powerful as the Nest Cam IQ. The Arlo Q Plus also has 1080p video and night vision with LED lights, but it doesn’t have audio as powerful as Nest Cam IQ or facial recognition. You’ll have to pay extra for continuous cloud recording with Arlo.

The Ring Floodlight Camera is another camera that has 1080p video quality and night vision. It also has two floodlights, making it a unique product, but it doesn’t offer facial recognition or integrated Google Assistant like the Nest Cam IQ.

If you want these features in one product, you don’t have many options besides the Nest Cam IQ Indoor. The price may be more than you want to spend on a security camera, but all if you wish to.

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor has many features to be excited about, and the Nest camera is one of the most popular options available. I reviewed the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor, which costs $299. It’s also available in an outdoor version.

How the Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Works

The Nest Cam IQ Indoor is a wifi camera that can be set up in minutes using the Nest app on your phone—you’ll first connect it to your wifi network, then pair it with your phone using Bluetooth. The Nest app works with Android and iOS devices, but you must have at least iOS 9 or Android 4.0 installed. You’ll need a smartphone or tablet with Bluetooth 4.0 and location services for setup, but you don’t need either for normal operation.

Google Nest Cam IQ Indoor Review: Design & Installation

As soon as I opened the cam box, I knew I was in love. The design is chic and clean, with a gray or white body. The front face is covered by a frosted glass window that allows audio to pass through while creating a cool visual effect—it’s almost like having an extra lamp.

The Nest Camera IQ Indoor Security Camera is the latest offering from the Nest brand. It’s designed for indoor use only, and it’s compatible with any other security cameras you might have installed in your home (like the Nest Cam Outdoor or Dropcam Pro).

The Nest Cam IQ also has pretty neat features: it can distinguish between a person and other moving objects, such as a pet or a balloon. The camera uses face recognition to alert you when someone unfamiliar enters your space and can even send you an alert if it hears the sound of glass breaking.

The camera comes with two mounting options: a stand or a wall mount. It can be hardwired into your electrical system, but it also runs on batteries for added flexibility.

As far as setup goes, it could not be easier! Simply plug in your camera, turn it on by pressing the on/off button on the back and then follow the easy-to-understand instructions on the app to configure it to connect to your wifi network. I was able to set up my camera in less than five minutes!

This camera is a great option for those who want to monitor their home while they’re away. The main downside is requiring a Nest Aware subscription to get the most out of its features. However, the Nest Aware subscription does allow you to save footage and customize the length of time you want to save videos (10 or 30 days). This is more flexible than other cameras that only allow you to keep the footage for a set time (usually 24 hours).

Many reviews have also stated that this camera is easy to install and configure.

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