11 Best Digital Door Lock Home Depot: The Ultimate Home Security Solution

In today’s fast-paced world, securing our homes has become more crucial than ever. With advancements in technology, traditional locks have evolved into smart and sophisticated Digital Door Lock Home Depot.

Best Keyless Smart Locks


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11 Best Outdoor Smart Locks

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get started. Here we discuss the 12 best smart locks for every household.

1. Overall, The Best Keyless Smart Locks: Schlage Beat Encode


Let me have it all Schlage Encode packs all the smart locking features you could need into one sleek, sleek package.Best Keyless Smart Locks

It supports Alexa and Google Assistant, has a button guide and keyboard and has a built-in alarm. Also, it supports the Amazon Key service, which can prevent your packages from being stolen. A photo of the Schlage smart lock and keyboard.

Let me have it all Schlage Encode packs all the smart locking features you could need into one sleek, sleek package. It supports Alexa and Google Assistant, has a button guide and keyboard and has a built-in alarm. Also, it supports the Amazon Key service, which can prevent your packages from being stolen at your doorstep.

  • Built-in alarm technology
  • Manage up to 100 access codes
  • Enjoy voice commands via Alexa or Google Assistant
  • Built-in WiFi
  • Fit standard doors
  • Integrates with Ring devices.
  • Doesn’t support HomeKit or IFTTT.

In our test, we found that Schlage Encode is easier to install than other smart locks without an upgrade and that its intuitive app controls and support for key, keypad, or keyless entry can accommodate anyone in your family, including those who don’t like smart technology.

Schlage Encode is the best overall digital door lock at Home Depot.

2. Best Budget Option: Wyze Lock

Best Budget Option: Wyze LockThe Wyze Lock proves that smart locks don’t need to be overrated or overdesigned. With an easy-to-install retrofit design and Alexa support, the Wyze lock lets you add speaker phone and remote controls to your door without replacing your old keys.

But there’s a big problem here: In our Wyze Lock review, we found that the cheap smart home device wasn’t ideal for recognizing your phone for hands-free access.

The Wyze lock is always more convenient than a traditional lock, although we recommend pairing it with the Wyze keyboard so you don’t have to carry your keys with you when you leave the house.

  • See who’s coming and going
  • sharing access
  • Alexa or Google, as well as Wyze Switch. Unlock your door with your voice or a simple tap.
  • Fits existing door
  • Fingerprint, keypad, and mobile app unlock options
  • Bluetooth-only connectivity
  • Lacks of integration and automation
  • No voice control support

3. Ideal for Apartments: August Smart Lock

Smart Home Security Products


With its incredibly compact remodeling design, the August Smart Lock is perfect for apartment dwellers who don’t have (or don’t want to) replace their keys, bolts, or the exterior appearance of their door.

The August Smart Lock works with Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri for Apple HomeKit, making it a great option for anyone living in an apartment, regardless of what smart home system you use.

If you wish to use the August Smart Lock with a keyboard, you must purchase the August Home AK-R1 keyboard separately. Keep in mind that although this keyboard is battery-operated and requires no wiring, you may need permission from your apartment building before installing it on your door.

  • Easy to install.
  • Voice activation.
  • Sleek design
  • Work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, IFTTT, Nest, and Geofencing
  • Privacy may affected
  • Requires additional components to control the lock remotely.

4. Best for HomeKit: Yale Assure Lock SL

HomeKit Compatible Smart LockNeed a HomeKit Compatible Smart Lock? The Yale Assure Lock SL integrates seamlessly with all of your HomeKit (or Alexa or Google Assistant) devices, providing reliable keyless entry into your home.

Additionally, since the Yale Assure Lock SL features a touchscreen keyboard, you don’t have to worry about getting locked if you forget your phone.

Remember that the Yale Assure Lock SL does not have a physical keyway. If it’s working poorly or ignoring low battery notifications, you’ll need to crank it up with a 9V battery to get back into your home. If you’re a HomeKit user who prefers a physical key, try August Smart Lock.

Great for HomeKit

  • Beautifully designed
  • Easy to install
  • Voice-assisted programming
  • Z-Wave
  • Integrations with Apple HomeKit
  • No dedicated app.
  • Requires Z-Wave controller for remote operation.

5. Ideal for a Ring or Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt: Beat Z-Wave Deadbolt

Smart Home Security Products


Still rocking a Z-Wave hub or owning a ton of Ring gear? The Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt is the best all-in-one option for Ring and Z-Wave users. It replaces your existing latch with a keyboard-keyboard combo, has a built-in alarm, and offers Alexa and Google Assistant support.

Keep in mind that any Alexa-enabled smart lock can be integrated with Ring. The Schlage Z-Wave Deadbolt offers a direct connection to Z-Wave hubs (ring bridges are Z-Wave), an option that minimizes wireless congestion on your Wi-Fi network.

And like other Z-Wave devices, the Beat Z-Wave Deadbolt can amplify signals from other devices in its network or transmit them to other devices when it is far away from your hub.

Ideal for Z-Wave or Ring

  • Built-In Alarm
  • Touchscreen Deadbolt
  • Z wave technology
  • ANSI Grade 1 Highest Residential Security
  • Keyless Security
  • Only thing is that you can’t see the keypad light in daytime time

6. Yale Real Living: The Keyless Lock

outdoor smart locksThese outdoor smart locks are not hybrid model. It has no physical lock. Therefore, burglars can’t pick. It is possible to program up to 25 codes.

Its miniature and stylish design will match perfectly with any decor. There’s no companion app for this lock, but it can be controlled through various smart home hub systems.

  • Compatibility:  Can connect via Z-wave or ZigBee
  • Opening modes:  Digicode and key
  • Wi-Fi:  Yes
  • Easy installation.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Voice-guided instructions.
  • Z-Wave or ZigBee home automation
  • Expensive
  • No dedicated App

7. Schlage Sense: Open the Door with Siri

Schlage Sense: Open the Door with SiriSchlage-sense connected lock Compatible with HomeKit, this lock allows you to use the Siri voice assistant of the iPhone to open the door. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with other smart home hubs.

However, it is Bluetooth-compatible. It can be programmed with thirty different codes. It is one of the most secure models on the market, and its alarm sounds during a break-in attempt.

  • Compatibility:  iOS and Android
  • Opening modes:  Digicode and key
  • Wifi: Yes, with an additional module
  • Easy to install.
  • Nicely designed app.
  • Built-in tamper alarm.
  • Supports voice control Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant
  • Requires additional device for remote contro

8. Kwikset SmartCode 915: The Best Compromise

Kwikset SmartCode 915: The Best Compromise


Unlike most connected locks, the Kwikset SmartCode 916 does not have a smartphone application or mobile communication protocol. It works using an ordinary digit code, and can also be opened using a traditional key. However, it can be synced to different smart home hubs via Z-wave or ZigBee.

Because it is smaller than most connected locks, the SmartCode 916 is less bulky. To reinforce security, a Secure Screen feature lets you press two keys at random before entering the digital code.

Thanks to this system, burglars cannot discover the code based on fingerprints. In addition, an alarm sounds in the event of a break-in attempt. This model represents the best compromise for people wishing to discover the world of connected security.

  • Compatibility:  Can connect via Z-wave or ZigBee
  • Opening modes:  Digicode
  • Wi-Fi:  No
  • Easy to install
  • Touchscreen
  • SmartKey technology
  • 16 user codes plus master code
  • Set your 915 to auto-lock after 30 seconds
  • Doesn’t have Bluetooth technology
  • Expensive

09. IULOCK Code Door Lock, Electronic Door Knob with Keypad and Key


Electronic Door Knob with Keypad and KeyLooking for a stylish, strong, and durable keypad door knob lock that can program up to 50 user access codes and 1 master code? Look no further than IULOCK. This keypad door knob lock allows you to program up to 50 user access codes and 1 master code.

The code in length can be 4 to 15 digits, easily programmed at the backlit keypad in seconds. Our heavy-duty and contemporary design is perfect for commercial applications that need a strong.

The IULOCK keypad is a keyless entry door knob that uses your standard doors to fit both left and right-handed doors. It features a free rotating keypad that includes most mechanical keys. The keyless entry doorknob is a direct replacement for your standard doors, and it can be installed in minutes.

  • Worth the money
  • Perfect Design And Smart Keyless Entry
  • Fits Most Standard Doors
  • Durable and Convenient, Maintenance-Free
  • 4 AA batteries, 2 years battery life
  • Aligning, combination set up issue may arise

This top-quality doorknob by IULOCK is perfect for a special gift that will bring new excitement and convenience to your bedroom or home. It is made from durable materials and has a mechanical finish that looks and feels like the real thing.

Digital Door Lock Home Depot

10. Igloohome Deadbolt 2S (Best Digital Door Lock Home Depot)

Smart Home Security Products


The Singapore-based company was founded by two Airbnb hosts. They were looking for a product to simply welcome their guests, without having to transfer the keys at impossible times. After creating a smart key box,  they are developing connected locks like the Deadbolt 2S.

Igloohome works offline. The application allows you to set how long the door takes before closing. A touchpad is used to type the unique entry code. This can operate for a few hours following a time slot.

We also use the application or a physical key.  It can also register up to eight fingerprints to reduce the risk of intrusion.  If a wrong code is typed five times, the lock is blocked for five minutes. In addition, an alarm is triggered if someone tries to force the Deadbolt 2s.

  • Excellent customer service assistance.
  • Airbnb Rentals Made Easy
  • Get alerts when someone locks
  • Keyless Entry
  • Access Codes for Single Use
  • Works Offline
  • Not Found

11. Yale Smart Lock, The Highly Secure Smart Lock


Digital Door Lock Home Depot


Yale smart lock has an intelligent system of locking a lock. It is associated with remote control and can adapt to other devices with a Bluetooth connection.

This device can operate at temperatures ranging from -10°C to over 50°C. Therefore, It is included in our list of the Best Keyless Smart Locks.

The main advantage of Yale lock is its highly secure system. Indeed, this connected lock has 10 anti-pick and anti-drill pins. In addition, communication between a connected device and the lock is encrypted. It is possible to configure the connected lock directly on the lock’s keypad, even without a smartphone.

Finally, its installation is relatively easy and does not require any wiring or drilling. It is available in several versions and adapts to European cylinders according to their length. However, Yale Entry does not have an IP gateway for remote control.

Compatibility: all European cylinders

Opening modes: fingerprint, Bluetooth, remote control, keyboard

Wi-Fi:  No

  • key-free smart lock
  • Create unique passcodes for family and guests
  • Get alerts when someone locks
  • Easy to install
  • Check the status of your door lock from anywhere
  • Google Assistant will NOT unlock the door, only lock
  • A lock is extremely sensitive to the positioning of the door and the tightness of the screws securing it


It is possible to make your life easier, but also provide additional security with the use of Keyless Smart Locks. When your kids get home from school with locks that work with apps, you can be certain that they can get in even if they forget their key.

If you are a business owner, you will appreciate the fact that you can keep sensitive areas secure with the help of RFID-enabled locks, and you can also give them cards for entry. In the event of a break-in, you will be able to know who entered the business and what time it was.

Keeping your doors secure is one of the best ways to keep your entire house secure, and our guide will help you make the best decision.

Before Buying a Digital Door Lock Home Depot

Digital door locks come with some common features, like automatic locking and unlocking, “special access” for guests, and alerts if you leave your door open. Still, every smart lock brand is slightly different from the rest, and every family has its own preferences, so buying a smart lock is often a juggling task. Read also: The 5 Best Budget Smart Locks Under $50.

There are a few things to consider when buying a smart lock:


Some outdoor smart locks will replace the existing deadbolt on your front door, while others will rely on your old deadbolt so you can keep your keys. All of the smart locks in this roundup are battery-powered, so you don’t have to worry about wiring.


Digital keyboards save you the hassle of carrying a key or cell phone and make it easier for guests or family to come and go when you’re not at home. Many smart locks come with a keyboard, although some brands like Wyze sell their keyboards as separate add-ons.

To Mortise or Not to Mortise?

Some smart locks come without a physical keyway — you know, the hole where you insert a key. While your smart lock doesn’t need a keyway, an old-fashioned key can come in handy if the lock’s battery dies or the lock isn’t working properly.

However, some locks have emergency backup options. For example, you can blast the Yale Assure Lock SL keyless with a 9V battery.

Smart Home Integration

Google Assistant or Alexa? If you want to connect your smart lock to other devices, like smart lights or security cameras, make sure it supports your favorite smart assistant for voice control.

Of course, it’s worth mentioning that you don’t need your smart home equipment to use a smart lock. You can also check: How To Lock the Bedroom Door From Outside? Keep Safe Your Bedroom.

Amazon Key

Some outdoor smart locks support Amazon Key, a program that allows delivery people to drop off packages at your home. Using Amazon Key is optional and drivers cannot reuse their digital “key” to get home after a package has been delivered. (Amazon Key also requires a compatible smart camera).

WiFi vs Z-Wave

Most smart locks connect directly to your WiFi routers, like any phone or laptop. However, some smart locks communicate with your router via a Z-Wave smart home hub, which minimizes Wi-Fi interference and often offers better coverage than Wi-Fi. Z-Wave devices can also amplify the signals of other large house or outdoor smart home devices.

That means you must have a Z-Wave hub (like the Ring Bridge) to use a Z-Wave smart lock. The only Z-Wave Smart Lock in this round-up is the Schlage Z-Wave Latch.


What are the Magnetic Door Locks Home Depot

Magnetic door lock home depot

Yale magnetic door lock Home Depot opens when its connector detects the proximity of an electronic key, such as a smartphone or a magnetic card. The electronic keys and the rights associated with them are defined by a remote administrator, who is none other than the main user.

A Smart lock, what is it?

Above all, it is essential to understand what we are talking about when we talk about smart objects (don’t hesitate to read our articles on the history of digital door locks at Home Depot and the use of outdoor smart locks ).

An outdoor smart lock is an everyday life device, except that it is connected to the Internet and/or your smartphone, and this connection allows it to extend the scope of its functionalities.

Magnetic door locks at Home Depot are exactly the principle of a Smart lock. Connected locks allow the door of a house to be opened using a smartphone and an internet connection. Instead of opening with a traditional physical key, these locks can be opened remotely via a secure mobile application, or by simply approaching your phone.

The term digital door locks at Home Depot is not entirely accurate. A traditional lock has two distinct parts: the cylinder and the handle. However, in the case of the “digital door lock ”, there is only one cylinder that can be adapted to most handles.

The concept is a logical continuation of two parallel trends: the disappearance of car keys and the development of mobile payment. Little by little, these everyday physical objects are becoming obsolete, in favor of ever more useful and versatile smartphones and smartwatches.

How does a magnetic door lock work?


Magnetic door lock home depot
Magnetic door locks Home Depot

A magnetic door lock at Home Depot opens when its connector detects the proximity of an electronic key, such as a smartphone or a magnetic card. The electronic keys and the rights associated with them are defined by a remote administrator, who is none other than the main user.

The device can communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some locks incorporate a fingerprint reader. In this case, make sure it is not resting on a single finger. Such a system is more easily triggered.

How do install a Digital Door Lock Home Depot?

Smart locks are more or less simple to install. They replace the existing system. You have to disassemble the cylinder. At best, this fits the previous hole. This is often the case for the most modern doors.

It is necessary to unscrew the nut under the bolt (the element that keeps the door closed) and insert the new device into it. Before that, the cylinder must be adjusted to match the old one. Then, you have to fix the two parts of the lock on each side of the door.

Check that the thickness of the latter is compatible with your product. Often, both sides of the connected object connect with a small wire. Then, you have to connect the lock via Bluetooth or WiFi via a gateway. When creating your account, Other methods are simpler.

For example, the Kwikset Smart Lock sits above the cylinder and uses a protrusion of at least 3 mm to cover it. The system operates a key in the lock on the interior side of the door. The device is therefore easily removable. It is convenient when occupying a rental.

  • Communication protocols
  • Food
  • Companion app

This magnetic door lock Home Depot operates using different communication protocols. The main protocols used on the market are Bluetooth, NFC, RFID (radio-identification), or directly the Internet.

Bluetooth is embedded almost every time since all modern smartphones are equipped with it. It is thanks to this connection that the lock detects your arrival and opens when you approach, without you having to take your hands out of your pocket. Identification by RFID is not that different: it often comes in the form of a badge or a bracelet to pass in front of the lock to unlock it.

If we want to be exhaustive, there are also other, rarer opening protocols. We can in particular cite the acoustic encryption technology used by Okidokeys, which makes it possible to deliver an audible key that the connected lock can recognize. This immaterial key is available by a simple free call and is ideal for people who do not have a recent smartphone.

The advantages of the smart lock

That’s all well and good, but what’s the point of a connected lock? To more things than one might think, to be honest. Here are some examples:

  • Automatic opening
  • Usability
  • Activity tracking
  • Security

The main advantage of a smart lock is that it allows you to open your door without taking your hands out of your pocket. This can be done in several ways:  automatically, via a Bluetooth connection recognized by your lock, or manually using an RFID badge or a button in the dedicated application.

In addition to offering you more comfort and saving you several seconds each day, this feature is especially useful because it makes you independent of your keys. If you too often lose them at the bottom of your bag or forget them at home, this application will make your life easier.

What criteria should be taken into account when choosing the Best Keyless Smart Locks?

There are four main criteria to take into account when choosing a smart lock: functionality, compatibility, technical characteristics, and finally, cost/after-sales service. Each of these four criteria is broken down into sub-criteria.

  • Functionalities
  • Compatibilities
  • Technical characteristics
  • Prices and after-sales service

Not all connected locks offer the same features. There are four main categories of user functionality: openness, access sharing, control, and perception.

 Opening Features

The opening functions can be opened by the proximity of the smartphone, hands-free opening without an application, automatic locking when leaving the home, and the different opening methods (smartphone, connected bracelet, magnetic card, smartwatch, remote control, fingerprint, etc., which vary according to the communication protocol compatible with the lock model.

Sharing features

Sharing features include the ability to create and delete electronic keys remotely. Some models also make it possible to define entrance fees according to particular time slots or to open the door remotely on an Adhoc basis.

Control Features

The notion of control functionalities designates the reception of push notifications of entry or exit, the provision of a log of passages recording the times of entry and exit and the identity of people, the presence of a built-in camera, and the type of administrator connection (WiFi, Nest, home automation network, mobile network, proxy, etc.)

User Perception

The user perception is the opening time, the noise emitted by the lock, the design, and the aesthetic customization options.

Smart locks make it easy to come and go without leaving the door unlocked, and can even help your friends or family enter when you’re not at home. But choosing the perfect smart lock is easier said than done. Here are the best smart locks for every household.

Smart locks make it easier to get in and out of your home, but they’re not much more secure than traditional locks on their own (unless you’re the kind of person who always forgets to lock their door). To maximize the potential of your smart locks to secure your home, consider pairing them with a smart security camera, smart doorbell, or even a smart speaker.

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