Top 3 Best Canary Smart Security Camera Review and Guide in 2023

If you’re like many modern families, you’ve probably become accustomed to keeping tabs on your belongings at all times. From keeping tabs on your possessions while you’re away from home to monitoring your home while you’re gone, you’ll want to make sure your personal security is top-notch. Fortunately, there are a variety of home security systems on the market that are designed to keep you safe and sound.

Canary Smart Security Camera

From Canary smart security camera devices to other home monitoring systems, this article is here to help you learn more about the best home security devices on the market today. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know before picking the right home security system for you and your family.

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Author Verdict

Canary Offers Discrete Self-Monitored Security for a large home. Canary devices are not designed to be security hubs with all of the bells and whistles that come with Nest or Amazon Echo products. The company’s simplicity gives Canary cameras more focus on their key features, including motion detection sensitivity and night vision capabilities (which were recently upgraded).

Canary Pro All-in-One

The Canary Pro All-in-One is a home surveillance device that can be installed as an indoor or outdoor camera, and it also has the ability to detect motion. The siren sounds up to 90 decibels (dB) so you will never miss anything happening in your yard or driveway again.

With its easy link capabilities, this security system allows for quick emergency response by connecting with police and fire departments automatically when activated through your mobile app.


  • Free 24-hour video history
  • No contract required
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
  • Person detection
  • Discrete design
  • Ideal size for apartments
  • Noonlight mobile panic button available


  • No pro monitoring is possible
  • A service plan is required for many features
  • No smart home compatibility is available

Canary Camera Home Security, Packages, Cost & Pricing

The package includes 30 days of video history, two-way talk, unlimited video downloads, a one-touch safety button, and a 2-year warranty.

The Canary All-in-One system has a 1TB hard drive and can store up to seven days’ worth of high-definition video footage, so if you are worried about burglars or intruders coming into your house at night, the device will be able to provide evidence for police that they did indeed come into your residence without permission.

The only potential point of confusion is when you opt to buy a year of Premium Service upfront. The long and short of it is that if you can lay down $99 in advance for a one-year subscription, you’ll get your Canary Pro or Canary View for free (or close to it).

Canary’s move is a shrewd one. The company has seen the price of its product drop by more than half, and for those who sign up for Premium Service in addition to the device purchase, Canary will be earning $30 every month from their service until they cancel it—and that number goes up if you upgrade as your camera ages or needs replacing.

We recommend that you shop around for the best deal before purchasing from Canary. You should always check multiple sites, like Amazon and Canary before completing your purchase with us as deals may vary by site. Plus, it is important to know what discounts are available on each website in order to take advantage of benefits offered through a company–like those listed above!

Customer-First Policies That Save You Money

Canary is a company that makes it easy to give their product a test run. They offer free shipping and a 60-day money-back guarantee so you can try the device risk-free.

This means you can get Canary for free, risk nothing, and keep the product if it doesn’t work out. If not happy with their service at any point during the 60 days there is a no questions asked refund policy that allows someone to try new products without having to worry about how much they will spend on them in case they don’t like what’s being given out by this company.
You might have noticed that we have omitted many of our favorite policies because of one word: “free”. This is an example where it makes sense for us as consumers to be attracted by such simple phrases when trying something new!

Canary Home Security Technology and Equipment

Canary is like a 21st-century security cam that offers more features than any other. Where Canary breaks away from the pack is with its extra home security features like two-way audio, night vision, light sensitivity, and wireless connectivity.

Canary home security devices have an emergency button that urgently calls help with just one touch, and the Canary Pro comes with a built-in siren.

Top 3 Best Canary Smart Security Camera Review

1. Canary Pro HD Wireless Security Surveillance System for Home


Canary Smart Security Camera Review

Sometimes referred to as the Canary All-in-One, this device is marketed as a smart home security camera. It has all the standard features of such devices; you get HD video, night vision, two-way talk, and motion detection.

And if you subscribe to their Premium service plan (which costs $9 per month), then everything will be unlimited for your whole subscription period!Smart Home Security Products

Canary Smart Security Camera

The siren lets neighbors know that something shady is going on in your house at 90 decibels – about as loud as a lawnmower. But what makes it stand out from other similar products like Nest Secure?Canary Smart Security Camera

The climate sensors monitor air quality and temperature in addition to humidity levels so that regardless of how extreme or old your home might be with pipes cranking up unnecessary noise pollution problems its purpose becomes more clear: reduce electricity bills by being proactive instead of reactive.

Canary Smart Security Camera Smart Home Security Products

2. Canary View Indoor Home Security Camera


Canary Smart Security Camera Review

This is the most basic of all Canary’s HD cameras. It offers two-way audio and has a built-in siren if you decide to add on the Premium Service plan, which also adds motion detection, depending on your subscription.

This camera does not offer any features that other Canary cameras have such as a video recording feature or performance tracking app like their Pro model does. However, this doesn’t mean it isn’t worth getting: For those who simply want one easy-to-use indoor security camera without unnecessary frills, this will do nicely!Smart Home Security Products

Canary Smart Security Camera

The Canary View is a good choice for those who monitor their home and family. The device will allow people to see what’s going on in the house with just one click, and it doesn’t have any extra features that can be frustrating or disturbing- especially if you set your siren too soon!
The best part about this deal is that when you add one year of premium service (a $200 value) to your purchase, Canary throws in the device for free. So all together this equals a $99 price tag which includes 1 year of Premium Service plan ($200 value).

Smart Home Security Products

3. Canary Flex Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera

I love the design of both my Canary cameras, but I do have one complaint: they’re not weatherproof. That’s why I’m really excited about the new Flex model!Canary Flex Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera

This little camera can bring peace of mind to areas where you don’t want an outside outlet like a porch or deck. Plus this is probably your best bet if you live in something like Seattle where there are no outlets anywhere close by!

Smart Home Security Products
Canary also made sure their battery was up for this new device as well; it lasts up to 2 months on just a single charge and doesn’t require any outside power source during use (as long as there’s Wi-Fi). There is, however, an additional time associated with charging when compared with other models in the line: we found that it takes 9 hours for each hour of usage.

Canary Smart Security Camera

I recommend charging your Canary battery overnight when it’s time to give it some more juice. You can check the status of your battery in the app, and get warnings when you need to recharge.Canary Flex Outdoor Indoor Home Security Camera

Canary Security Camera Features

Motion Alerts

I set up the Canary Pro in my dining/living room combo, where it would keep watch for cats and people alike. Once I completed the setup, I received personal alerts for both humans and cats!

The good news is that it picked up every movement in the room – just don’t forget to disable “person” alerts on your cat if you have a sensitive feline (or don’t want unending human-cat interaction)! And as always with Canary devices, there’s Masking which lets you block out (or mask) a segment of the room so that only action outside will trigger an alert.

Another way to get notifications off at night is by turning on the Night Mode setting. This will turn off alerts during specific hours and you can set up parameters for which people are allowed to receive alerts. The mobile app asks you when you go to bed, what time you usually wake up, and how long it takes for your alarm or morning routine before asking if this fits with your schedule as well.

It won’t trigger an alert outside of the parameters that fit within these settings too unless someone is moving around in those rooms after these hours have passed.

Noonlight Safety Button

I was worried that my roommates (human and feline) would be freaked out by how loud the siren of a Canary canary safety device sounded, so I didn’t activate it. But I did play around with the Noonlight feature on my phone to make sure it worked as promised, which it does because of this app.

Moonlight is an app that turns your phone into a panic button no matter where you are! It partners with Canary to add this additional layer of protection for its users.

If you have a Canary containing a Premium service plan, then there’s already been included in your subscription package: the option to use its safety button feature when needed or desired – just open up the application and press an easy-to-reach shortcut button right onto your screen!

You never have to worry about feeling unsafe or maybe someone is following you down the sidewalk in Noonlight’s monitoring center. You only need to press a button if you feel like something might happen and it gets your attention that this may be true, but there is no wrong time for contact! This device will notify professionals at 0 hours when things start not looking right.

If you don’t enter the code, then Noonlight can use GPS coordinates from your phone to send help straight away. The closest thing Canary has ever come close to would be 24/7 professional monitoring with one step closer – whether it’s home or on the go!

Canary Installation and Use

The setup process for each Canary home security camera was quick and simple. I did them all in one morning. Just follow these steps:
1) Download the free Flex app or the free Canary app on your smartphone, either iOS or Android

2) Enter your email address and a unique password

3) Select where you want to have your device keep watch (address)

4) Add devices via Bluetooth to connect with the apps.

The only tricky part of adding new devices is getting that flashing blue light on this model means it’s pairing with my phone! On Pro models, hold down both buttons at the top until that magical blue light appears while successful pairings happen by tapping buttons located on the back of the cameras– no holding required!

For View models, just tap any button up front holding necessary like other Canary cameras require as pairs are made automatically from proximity detection even if you’re not touching the pushbutton so there really isn’t anything more difficult about this than any other Canary camera out there.

After you receive the blue light, it pairs with the mobile app and sends a confirmation message. You might choose Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect your Canary camera to your home network in order to take advantage of continuous video recording.

All of the Canary security cameras installed did an update as soon as they were connected to my wireless network. It didn’t take too long, and I was pleased that the company is proactive about software updates, which are key to continued data security. After the first tutorial, I felt okay venturing forth on my own so I used “skip” mode for those other two Canary.

What Canary Could Do Better

I’m not sure if it was my home Wi-Fi network or the Canary app, but when I tried to livestream from my camera there were some issues. There’s quite a lag between when I hit the “watch live” button and the first glimpse of what room I wanted to check on (buffering), so that wasn’t great.

Another issue with Canary is inconsistent person alerts: although they do get recognized by human beings, none of them ever thought I was one! On top of that, all canary cameras have never mistaken me as one before – which really makes up for those glitches in functionality.


Canary Pro is the most feature-packed smart home security device the brand has to offer. The Canary Pro comes with a built-in siren and climate monitor that help your home stay extra secure.

The View has fewer features than the Pro and Flex, but it’s the least money out of your pocket. If you’re looking for a device that would make a good nanny cam, the View is one to put on your list. It doesn’t have extras like a siren that could be disruptive to baby sleeping.

The Latest On A Global Leader In Smart Home Security

If you’re like many modern families, you’ve probably become accustomed to keeping tabs on your belongings at all times. From keeping tabs on your possessions while you’re away from home to monitoring your home while you’re gone, you’ll want to make sure your personal security is top-notch.

Fortunately, there are a variety of home security systems on the market that are designed to keep you safe and sound.

From Canary’s security devices to other home monitoring systems, this article is here to help you learn more about the best home security devices on the market today. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know before picking the right home security system for you and your family.


Is Canary Home Security?

Canary is a British company that specializes in connected home security and home monitoring. Canary offers both hardware and software solutions that families and businesses can use to monitor their homes.

With the launch of its security monitoring service in 2014, Canary has since become the go-to service for those who want to keep tabs on their home security from anywhere in the world.

What Sets Canary Home Security Apart?

When compared to other home security solutions, Canary sets itself apart with its advanced setup process and state-of-the-art hardware.

First is the hardware. To ensure maximum security and reliability, Canary uses professional monitoring equipment, including commercial-grade DVRs, that is fully encased in a fortified metal enclosure.

The commercial-grade equipment ensures reliable signal transmission and video quality, while the metal enclosure protects the equipment from harmful electromagnetic signals.

Canary also uses a dedicated, high-speed Internet connection rather than relying on traditional phone lines, which prevents connection issues and allows for almost real-time monitoring.

How Much Does Canary Home Security Cost?

The cost of a home security system can vary greatly depending on the size of your home, the quality of the system, the type of monitoring you want, and whether you want professional monitoring for a yearly fee.

Individuals only need to pay a one-time $3.99 setup fee for professional monitoring, though families receive 24/7 professional monitoring with a plan.

If you want a cheaper plan that limits your monitoring options or doesn’t include professional monitoring, you can purchase Canary’s Simplest plan for $9.99/month or $99/year.

The cost of professional monitoring for the first year is $59.95. After the first year, professional monitoring will cost $59.95 for six months, or $149.95 for one year.

If you’re okay with DIY home security, you can purchase a $99 monitoring plan that allows you to record and store up to 40 surveillance cameras.

The $3.99/month plan is ideal for those who want basic monitoring and no professional monitoring. This plan also comes with a 30-day free trial.

Is Canary Home Security Safe?

Canary’s security system is available to customers in 42 U.S. states and in over 617 cities.

While the service is available in select cities internationally, the vast majority of customers who sign up for Canary home security are in the U.S. The majority of users who sign up for this service report being completely satisfied with their purchase.

Is Canary Home Security Verified?

Canary is not only one of the most popular home security systems on the market, it’s also one of the most reliable.

With over 3 million customer reviews, Canary has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Users report that their service is dependable and easy to use and that customer service is very helpful.

Final Words: Is Canary Home Security The Best?

If you’re looking for a home security system that’s easy to use, reliable, and offers advanced security monitoring, Canary is worth considering.

Canary offers a wide range of home security and home monitoring solutions that are ideal for protecting your loved ones and your assets. From monitoring your home while you’re away to protecting your family with best-in-class Canary devices, this service has you covered.

Canary is definitely one of the top home security systems available.

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