Google Discontinues Stadia As It Works

To Improve Android Game Experience

Google Discontinues Stadia
Google Discontinues Stadia

The cloud-based game streaming service, which allows people to play games on the web and mobile devices, has been discontinued. Google says the decision was made after the company decided to focus on delivering a better Google Play Games experience for Android users. “We’re ending Stadia as we work to deliver a better Google Play Games experience for Android users,” said a Google spokesperson.

“Stadia was a new product, and we’ve seen tremendous interest from fans since it launched. We’ll continue to offer access to Google Play Games for the time being, and we’re working to provide refunds to eligible Stadia players.” The service was launched in November last year.

Stadia was supposed to be a great new streaming service that allowed gamers to play games on a variety of platforms and devices. Google announced that Stadia would be free for all users. Stadia had several flaws, however. First, it required a $129/year subscription to use. Second, it was hard to find games and many titles were only available on the Nintendo Switch. Third, there was no real way to play with friends. Finally, Stadia had a poor library of games.

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Google decided to close the service because it couldn’t attract enough players. The service only had a few thousand paying subscribers. This means that Google lost a lot of money on the venture


1. The Stadia had a lot of problems when it launched. It wasn’t ready for launch. The company tried to make up for it by providing some free subscriptions. That didn’t work.

2. Google could not attract enough customers. They failed to reach the goal that they set out. So they decided to stop their service and let their customers keep the subscriptions for the time being.

3. Stadia’s streaming video service was a bad idea from the start. Google should have known that consumers would not subscribe to a service that they couldn’t use. They wasted a lot of money on a service that they shouldn’t have created.

4. The Stadia isn’t the future of online video

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